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Automotive Industry Cyber Attacks: Trends and Threats to Watch Out For


Automotive Industry Cyber Attacks: Trends and Threats to Watch Out For

A report released from Upstream Security estimates the automotive industry is at risk for losing $24 billion within five years all due to cyber hacks. The company specializes in cloud-based security and took reported cases at a granular level to understand cyber threats and trends to combat in 2019.

The findings were confirmed through a study conducted that analyzes over 170 cyber cases reported between 2010-2018. The study also revealed different ways hackers attack including physical and long-range and wireless strategies.

“With every new service or connected entity, a new attack vector is born” said Oded Yarkoni, Head of Marketing at Upstream Security. “These attacks can be triggered from anywhere placing both drivers and passengers at risk.

“Issues range from safety critical vehicle systems, to data center hacks on back-end servers, to identity theft in car sharing, and even privacy issues. The risk is immense. Just one cyber-hack can cost an automaker $1.1 billion, while we are seeing that the cost for the industry as a whole could reach $24 billion by 2023.”

Key highlights from the report include:

-Back-end application servers are directly involved in 42 percent of automotive cyber security incidents

-Tier 1 suppliers, fleet operation, telematic service providers car sharing companies and public/private transportation providers are experiencing increased threat rates for cyber security issues.

-Multi-layered security tactics such as in-vehicle, automotive cloud security and network security are recommended to reduce risk.

-Fraud and and data privacy are primarily impacted by the two new cyber attack methods.

To read the full report, visit Upstream Security.

Source: Upstream Security

Digital Dealer Conference: Automotive Education Highlights

Each year, the automotive business sector provides dozens of learning and networking opportunities through industry-related conferences and expos. The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is no exception when it comes to enabling attendees with the latest in resources, industry trends, and business solutions. Additionally, the conference provides executives from the country’s top 100 dealerships for counsel and education.

This year’s expo will be held in Orlando, Florida from April 9-11 and will focus on industry best practices, new technologies, building custom business solutions. Additionally, the event grants the opportunity for expert advice from keynote speakers and business development sessions.

Automaxx of the Carolinas owner and founder Johnny Dangerfield can attest to the conference’s success and support for the industry and executives as a whole, by adding that the company, “Attends Digital Dealer Conference & Expo twice a year for insight into the most innovative industry technologies and business techniques. Digital Dealer Conference & Expo has been incredibly beneficial for us at Automaxx, especially in recent years.”

“Attendees may choose from well over a hundred educational sessions fronted by top executives, consultants, and trainers, demoing the latest products and services from countless technology-focused automotive product and service providers.

“Additional carefully tailored support surrounding dealer operations and management, sales strategy and variable operations, and marketing and advertising are also on offer, all of which have proved to be incredibly useful for us at Automaxx of the Carolinas based on attending past events. As such, we’re looking forward to Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 26 which is due to be held in Florida this April,” Dangerfield said.

Automaxx of the Carolinas is a Summerville-based, independent automotive dealer and leads the South Carolina automotive region by annual sales volumes.

Source: EIN Presswire 


The UK’s leading warehouse and logistics expert, Core Management Logistics, hosted a customer-focused education forum surrounding potential impacts and risks to come from the current Brexit situation. More importantly, the forum shared insights on identifying how it will impact logistics operations to prepare industry leaders maintain successful initiatives.

The six-hour, Oct. 31 event at the Hinckley Island Hotel included a panel of 17 experts, seven representatives from CML and more than 20 delegates who are CML customers from caterers, fashion brands, automotive companies and more.

“With a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we wanted to ensure our customers are fully educated and informed on the impact that this may have on the industry,” commented Kerry Delaney, CML’s commercial director. “Our panel of experts were excellent and were able to shed a lot of light on various different topics surrounding Brexit.”

James Thorpe, Freight Business Unit manager at CML, reports feedback was positive. “One attendee said it may even change his whole approach to his plans for Europe expansion.”

Brexit Change Specialist and panel speaker Amelia Bishop added:

“We were very proud to be supporting Core Management Logistics of Lutterworth in their Brexit Forum Event – fantastic and how proactive!  CML want to help their clients with Brexit by getting their questions answered and ensuring they get the support they need through the coming months and years. Make sure you’re not one of the 62% sitting on their heels and protect your business and customers like CML are!”

Source: Core Management Logistics