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  August 26th, 2016 | Written by

Loadsmart Moves First Fully Automated Truckload Shipment

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  • Building transformative technology for logistics.
  • Loadsmart requires zero human contact to book, price, and ship cargo.
  • Technology can have a big impact on the logistics industry.

Loadsmart, the logistics technology company specializing in full truckload shipping, announced it has moved its first fully automated shipment from booking to delivery. No human contact occurred between Loadsmart, the shipper, the carrier, or the driver.

The shipper requested a quote through the Loadsmart platform and the system’s algorithm generated a price instantly which the customer booked in just a few seconds. The platform automatically identified the best carrier to move the load and sent an electronic request to the carrier’s dispatcher.

With one click, the dispatcher accepted the job electronically and received an online rate confirmation instantly. The dispatcher then invited his driver to download the Loadsmart app. The app provided the driver with all the shipment details as well as GPS tracking for the dispatcher and customer. Upon delivery, the driver submitted the proof of delivery via the Loadsmart mobile app.

While a 24/7 operations team is always on standby, Loadsmart required absolutely zero human contact with the shipper, carrier, or driver. Historically, every one of these steps required human contact by the freight broker via email or phone: requesting quotes and carrier cost; sourcing the right truck and price negotiation; status updates and document submissions.

“This demonstrates that technology can and will have a big impact on the industry,” said Felipe Capella, co-founder and chief of product at Loadsmart. “We are not your usual tech broker. We are a technology firm, an engineering and design-driven team that is researching, prototyping, and building transformative technology for logistics.”

“This is just the beginning,” added Ricardo Salgado, Loadsmart’s co-founder and CEO. “Full automation is in line with our strategy to add value to all participants in this complex and fragmented market. Although we have been growing materially in 2016, we are not here to build a traditional freight broker. For us the urgency is to leverage the technology revolution to transform the market.”