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Our focus at Global Trade is to spotlight the most recent news on logistics, warehousing, ocean carriers, foreign trade zones and all of the industries we cover. However, for those seeking additional information not covered in our Featured Articles section, this archive provides supplementary features, stories and resources on these subjects.


The Black Gold Rennaisance 

The seas are alive with coal. Shipping lines have been crisscrossing the oceans with so much coal lately that major… Read More



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Logistics specialist Crossroads has announced the candidates for its 2022 Gen Z/Millennial Graduate Program designed to invest in the future

After one year, the transport and logistics service provider Gebrüder Weiss awards the first hydrogen truck in its fleet a good interim report. The Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell stationed in

ban Commerce Restricts the Export of Luxury Goods to Russia and Belarus and to Russian and Belarusian Oligarchs and Malign Actors in Latest Response to Aggression Against Ukraine

Prologis Extends Partnership with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals for EDGE 2022

employee job accountability supply chain How to Identify and Address Productivity Gaps Among Supply Chain Employees

Why In-Person Interaction Remains Critical In The Age Of Remote Work

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