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“New Kid on the Block” Networking Platform Addresses Sourcing Amid Supply Chain Crisis


“New Kid on the Block” Networking Platform Addresses Sourcing Amid Supply Chain Crisis

Best known for bringing manufacturers, reps, and merchants together, B2B networking platform company, Factrees, announced the release of its newest platform aimed at addressing nearshore sourcing bottlenecks amid the supply chain shipping crisis.

Driven by the power of artificial intelligence, the newly launched platform provides a reliable resource library consisting of searchable U.S. manufacturers, independent sales reps, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers for customers to select for sourcing. Companies can network and connect based on product lines, territory, services offered, and business relationships.

“We are creating a sourcing community that simplifies and expedites the process of finding quality sourcing partners while reducing the dependency on word-of-mouth and tradeshow marketing for driving growth,” said Keith Williams, Factrees Co-Founder and CEO.

Factrees is the new kid on the block,” he adds.

Adding to the platform’s appeal is the option for companies to share their experiences with manufacturers and distributors — including reviews, ratings, and the option of messaging and real-time video meetings.

“There is a groundswell of realignment between manufacturers and sales representatives,” said Ron Smith, President & CEO of Curtis Stout. “Factrees is offering valuable tools; a professional approach to connect and match all manufacturers with quality sales agents.”

Through a series of straightforward and simplified steps, companies can utilize the platform and begin connecting once a profile has been created and claimed. This process supports efforts in getting products to customers from the factory.

“I have been in the industry for 30 years. Factrees is a very creative concept supported by a very helpful web interface, said Paul Entwistle, COO Hardware Industry. “I believe those who use it will have an advantage over those who don’t.”

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