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In a market with increasing demand for disruptive technology and automated solutions, R2 Logistics understands not only how to create these solutions, but how to create the best version that exceeds customer expectations. The award-winning third-party logistics provider, which is known for its multi-dimensional variety of specialties from Managed Transportation, Full Truckload, Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), to Expedited and Air Freight, Intermodal, Ocean and Specialized Hauling, boasts a TMS that takes operations one step further.

“Roughly 90 percent of companies with less than $250 million in revenue do not utilize a Transportation Management System today,” explains Frank Dreischarf, vice president of Supply Chain Solutions at R2 Logistics. “Our TMS is specifically designed to bring transparency, reporting, mode and carrier management to these customers. Many of these companies still operate off of paper routing guides and Excel spreadsheets with little to no KPI’s surrounding one of the largest line items on their P&L, freight.”

Additionally, R2 Logistics offers their TMS on any device, increasing visibility for their customers while removing all barriers. This feature is one of many that serves as a differentiator, setting the company apart from the others in the logistics sector. R2’s customers are assured they have the knowledge needed to understand every dollar coming in and going out, instantly.

“From Mode selection, quick quote capabilities, document retention and track and trace, R2’s TMS provides all of the functionality that you would expect from a cutting edge TMS,” Dreischarf says. “Where we really excel though is in taking the transportation data and presenting it in an automated way that helps to speed up the pace of decision-making while at the same time providing unparalleled transparency into a shipper’s transportation spend.”

Dreischarf adds: “With most other TMS systems, a customer can expect to receive freight bill payment data, and then it is up to the customer to hire an infrastructure of analysts to make sense of the data. R2’s TMS system is designed to automate much of that function, allowing shippers to concentrate their limited resources on managing their operations rather than worrying about collating data.”

Customers are always the focal point for R2 Logistics, from automation and transparency, to satisfaction and reputation. As identified in their 10 company principles, at No. 1 is to obsess over the customer while creating competitive advantage. From the early days as an expedite carrier for Tier 1 automotive manufacturing to the multi-dimensional company it is now, R2 has stuck to the core of the business: customers.

“In all things that we do, we consider the customer’s needs first,” Dreischarf says.  “We ask ourselves, ‘Will this benefit the customer? Does it eliminate a headache for them? What can we do to provide a better experience?’ If you are passionate about adding value to your customer and putting them first, it makes everything else easy. It was this beginning that drove our ‘Customer First’ and ‘Do it Now’ culture.”

As a solutions-based and results-oriented company, R2 understands quality comes from every part of a business and must start at the employee level. With a significant amount of concern looming over retaining competitive talent, R2 provides some insight to their success.

Dreischarf notes, “As we have continued to grow over the past decade, we knew we wanted to maintain that high service culture. We spend a significant amount of time on recruiting, training and developing our people to ensure that we hire individuals who have a passion for service and then have all the tools necessary to provide great service to our customers.”

For future goals and planning, R2 Logistics aims to stick with what works while creating innovative ways to exceed customer expectations and demands. As Dreischarf puts it, “Our short-term and long-term goals can best be summed up as ‘to continue to grow, add value to our customers and always be the best 3PL in the business.’”


Frank Dreischarf is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he dual majored in Operations Management as well as Transportation and Logistics. He started with R2 Logistics in 2017, when he filled the role of Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions. Frank has 20-plus years of distribution and supply chain experience, and has spent the past 10 years managing $200 million+ transportation spends. In his current role, Frank is responsible for developing and managing R2’s multi-modal and Supply Chain service offerings, which include: LTL, Reverse Logistics, inbound Supply Chain Logistics and Distribution, Intermodal and Final Mile Delivery. Frank believes logistics is a relationship-based business and the foundation for any successful relationship is integrity and trust. In his own words, “That means doing what you say you will do, always seeking to find and add value, and to treat others as you want to be treated.”