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  August 26th, 2023 | Written by

Top 5 Benefits Of Choosing The Best Transportation Management Software To Improve Business KPIs

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As the orders placed by customers keep rising, the need for the best transportation management software (TMS) is still present. In today’s age, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are the top priorities most businesses are looking for. The use of a reliable transportation management system will be crucial to propel your business to newer heights. Let’s break down the top five benefits of choosing the best TMS for your meet business KPIs.

  1. Better Customer Service: Do you recall the time when we used to pace by the door, impatiently waiting for the order to reach your home? Well, these would be history if you can choose the right transportation management software. Studies show that businesses utilizing an efficient TMS experienced a remarkable improvement in on-time delivery, reducing delays by up to 35%. Imagine the smiles on your customers’ faces when their orders arrive promptly, leading to increased trust and loyalty. A happy customer will lead to a returning customer, meaning increased revenue.
  2. Tracking Deliveries: We all have experienced the anxiety of wondering where our package is and when it will arrive. The same is for your customers when they can’t track their orders. By implementing the best transportation management system, you can easily remove these hurdles. TMS-equipped businesses reported an impressive 60% reduction in “Where’s my order?” calls. That’s right – real-time tracking allows both you and your customers to monitor shipments, giving everyone peace of mind and reducing unnecessary inquiries.
  3. Supply Chain Visibility: Ask any dispatcher, “What does he need as a wish to streamline logistics?” Almost 87% have stated the need for a crystal ball to offer real-time visibility of the goods. Well, C-level executives cannot offer them a crystal ball but offer the next best solution- Transportation Management Software. More than 73% of companies have switched to the use of a TMS to enhance their supply chain visibility. This bird’s-eye view allows you to spot bottlenecks, optimize routes, and make informed decisions, leading to a smoother and more efficient supply chain. 

  4. Accurate Order Fulfillment: Have you ever faced incorrect order delivery due to manual error? It’s frustrating for both- The dispatcher and the end customer. The best transportation management system will offer 99% order fulfillment. By automating processes like inventory management, and order assignment, you can significantly reduce manual errors, resulting in happier customers and lower returns. 
  5. Minimal Documentation: When surveying the most annoying part of logistics, there was a clear winner- Paperwork. The use of a TMS can significantly reduce documentation efforts by 45%. Automated data entry, electronic proof of delivery, and streamlined invoice processing help reduce documentation needs. Your team can bid farewell to mountains of paperwork and focus on more value-added tasks.

By choosing the best transportation management software for your business, you can guarantee improved logistics operations. Logistics operations should not just be focused on getting items delivered from point A to B. It’s about getting them delivered faster, safer, and with maximum customer satisfaction. Investing in a robust transportation management system will offer better customer service, track deliveries, streamline order fulfillment, enhance visibility, and reduce paperwork.


In this blog, we have stated the top 5 benefits of choosing the best transportation management software to help your business grow exponentially by meeting every KPI.

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Matt Murdock works for a leading SAAS-based platform called LogiNext Solutions. Where he helps businesses optimize their logistics operations and improve their delivery performance. With a passion for innovation and technology, Matt is always looking for new ways to streamline logistics processes and enhance customer experiences. In his free time, he enjoys writing blogs based on his experience in the logistics industry. Happy reading!