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  September 22nd, 2023 | Written by

Maximizing ROI with Transportation Management Software: Understanding Features and Benefits

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The post-COVID world of logistics and supply chains has seen drastic changes. Keeping those in mind, you are probably no stranger to the constant evolution of transportation management software (TMS) and its impact. These days, supply chain businesses are pushing the boundaries of their freight networks with the help of some seriously advanced TMS software. Studies have showcased that Best transportation management Software features can give you an 8% return on investment (ROI), but hold on tight because the right software could go above and beyond that.

Speaking of savings, here’s a stat: Transportation management solution features have been known to reduce the time spent on tracking and tracing inquiries by a whopping 60%! Now, that’s some serious efficiency right there.

As we sail through changing times, with e-commerce booming left and right, the pressure’s on for retailers and supply chain leaders to up their game. And that’s not all – we’ve got sustainability in the spotlight too.

There are new government schemes that are passed with talks about electric vehicles and charging stations buzzing around. We are surely in for a wild ride that will ensure smoother operations in the supply chain. So, what’s the secret sauce? It’s all about strategic supply chain management. You’ve got transportation management software in your corner, but here’s the catch – it’s only as good as the magic it weaves through its features. 

Adapting to multi-route delivery: Can you guess what’s the most preferred TMS functionality for users? Its predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA). Without ETA knowledge, your delivery operations can become daunting. We’re talking about upset customers, restocking delays, and the whole downward spiral of operations. Every move matters, especially when you’ve got deliveries and pickups spread along the route. A transportation management system helps you find the most fuel-efficient paths, lowering operation costs by 25-30% annually.

Fewer miles = Lesser spend on fuel = Cost Saving = Rise in ROI

Unleashing the power of data analytics: The use of data is crucial to enhance ROI using TMS. It helps you access performance data like the use of owned-fleet vs outsourced fleet. Find bottlenecks in operations, details related to delivery operations, inventory management, and more. When you make decisions based on data, you can be assured of raising above your targets. 

Data Analytics = Cost-effective decisions = Optimized Processes = Better ROI

Automating delivery management: Finding the right balance between shippers and carriers is essential for seamless logistics operations. Ensure maximum capacity storage for shippers. While carriers ensure maximum deliveries are completed with minimum fleet requirements. The use of automated delivery management helps to adapt to current trends and fluctuating economic conditions. Additionally, transportation management software helps with compliance and documentation. This helps avoid penalties due to missing or expired documents and reduces manual paperwork that complies with enhanced ROI.

Maximum Storage Capacity = Lower Fleet Utilization = Rising ROI

Streamlining last mile operations: The use of a modern and advanced TMS ensures a plan to avoid disruptions and sail through any issues that may arise.  With a transportation management system and real-time visibility, you’ve got the tools to smooth out those last-mile wrinkles. The result? It improves delivery times, results in happier clients, and boosts ROI. This helps the leaders to boost the efficiency of last-mile operations.

Real-time Visibility = Improved Delivery Time = Happier Customers = Boost ROI

Planning for order returns: Delivering the parcel to the customer’s doorstep is not the end of the customer’s life cycle. Managing order returns is another headache that most companies fail to optimize. The use of modern transportation management software can reduce annual order return costs by up to 5%. In a world of ever-shifting markets, communication is the glue holding it all together. Add real-time alerts and notifications to the mix and ensure streamlined operations to enhance your ROI.

From the first mile to savings on order returns, it’s a data-driven symphony that’s transforming the supply chain game. The use of advanced TMS functions helps improve throughput and efficiency while deriving a stronger ROI. A transportation management system will not only streamline operations but helps improve ROI to new heights, leading your business to scale uncharted heights.


This blog focuses on key features and benefits offered by transportation management software. The benefits are tied up with the key metric C-level executives look for when purchasing any logistics software- Improved ROI. 

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Matt Murdock works for a leading SAAS-based platform called LogiNext Solutions. Where he helps businesses optimize their logistics operations and improve their delivery performance. With a passion for innovation and technology, Matt is always looking for new ways to streamline logistics processes and enhance customer experiences. In his free time, he enjoys writing blogs based on his experience in the logistics industry. Happy reading!