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Powder Chromium Oxide to see a Significant Consumption in the Near Future

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Powder Chromium Oxide to see a Significant Consumption in the Near Future

The demand for chromium oxide will witness consistent expansion on account of its rising usage across heavy-duty applications. They are mainly inorganic pigments and record a higher requirement in paints, roofing & ceramic tiles, architectural coatings, and plastics. The materials are incorporated in the generation of high temperature as well as abrasion-resistant refractory bricks for use in glass and fiberglass. They are also employed as green pigments for coloring building materials and plastics,

Chromium oxide compounds act as major ingredients of the refractories and brake linings. They are also used as raw materials in the ceramic industries for the manufacturing of chromium metal and mixed metal oxides. The product is also utilized to stain slips and bodies along with producing red and orange glasses to filling hollows in horizontally fired tiles. Furthermore, high purity grade chrome oxide is marking its presence in the production of chromium metal.

Reports suggest that the global chromium oxide market size could reach an exponential CAGR through 2027.

The adoption of powder chromium oxide structures will increase with their excessive use as pigments. They possess considerable stability and are hence utilized in the making of paints, inks, dyes and glasses. They are also the colorant constituents in chrome and institutional green colors. Besides, the powdered compound offers ease of availability as it can be easily packaged in jars, pails, drums, multiply paper bags, bulk bags, and fiberboard containers.

Pigment grade chromium oxide components are pegged to record a considerable demand in the next few years considering their increasing applications in the paints industry. They can be accessed in the form of chrome yellow, green, red, orange as well as tin pink. As they possess high-temperature resistance and sunlight fastness, they are used to generate the color in various minerals and gemstones. These substances are also known to be relatively stable in air and are unaffected by acids as well as alkalis and sulfur dioxide & hydrogen.

The application of chromium oxide compounds across the paintings and coatings sector is likely to commendably stir. This can be attributed to the increasing adoption of chrome oxide green to offer excellent quality and firmness of coloring. It is highly preferred in the coating of various cosmetics and is used to impart a greenish color for painting glass.

Speaking of which, global chromium oxide manufacturers are keen on bringing innovations and modifications in their existing offerings to increase their footprint across the world. These firms are focusing on marketing initiatives such as mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions to sustain the inclining competition. To state an instance, in July 2018, Sun Chemical along with its parent firm, DIC Corporation, acquired the high-purity iron oxides portfolio of Cathay Industries, which is based in Indiana, U.S.

The present COVID-19 outbreak drew a comparatively declining effect on the production of chromium oxide components owing to the regulation of lockdown policies in the initial months of 2020. However, the gradual easing of the trade barriers and the resumption of the paints, coatings, dyes, and ink industries is expected to bring positive impetus to the product demand.