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  May 20th, 2016 | Written by

SkyBOX Checkout Transforms International Ecommerce Payments and Logistics

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  • International ecommerce payment and logistics platform provides real-time costs on product-by-product basis.
  • International commerce payment solution allows retails to deliver an end-to-end, cross-border shipping service.
  • Customers hover over a product and a pop-up illustrates the costs to deliver that product in local currency.

SkyBOX, Inc. has launched SkyBOX Checkout, a new payment and logistics platform that transforms the internet shopping experience for international shoppers and etailers around the world.

SkyBOX Checkout is a robust international checkout platform that provides the total landed cost in real time and on a product-by-product basis. It also provides this information in any of the more than 140 supported local currencies.

SkyBOX Checkout also provides fraud screening, shipping, customs clearance, foreign exchange protection, and multilingual customer service for all international orders.

“Customers no longer have to wait until the checkout process to know the total delivered cost of their purchase,” said Emilio Lizarraga, vice president of technology at SkyBOX. “Customers simply hover over a product and a pop-up immediately illustrates all of the costs to deliver that product to their home and in their local currency. The total landed cost is provided in real time and on a product-by-product basis.”

“We are also experts in crossborder customs documentation and with our guaranteed calculation of all duties, taxes and heavily discounted shipping fees there are no surprises,” added SkyBOX chief executive officer Paul V. Gartlan. “The retail industry can now deliver a complete, end-to-end, cross-border shipping service, anywhere-to-anywhere around the world.”

SkyBOX Checkout coordinates all harmonized codes and dimensional weight set-up from the etailer’s existing product database ensuring that shipping, duties and taxes are calculated correctly. SkyBOX Checkout enables etailers anywhere in the world to accept orders from customers outside of their domestic market.

SkyBOX Checkout Amazon-hosted platform scales on demand to satisfy heavy seasonal spikes for etailers. Plug-ins for many popular ecommerce platforms like Magento and Open Cart are ready to use. The company’s team of expert developers is also skilled at adapting the solution to serve custom or in house ecommerce platforms.

The first SkyBOX product, a freight forwarding U.S. address solution, was created in 1991 connecting international consumers with purchases from their favorite U.S. brands. SkyBOX Checkout alleviates all of the traditional risks and costs associated with international eCommerce allowing the etailer to seamlessly accept orders from their global customers. Both SkyBOX and SkyBOX Checkout utilize their own proprietary logistics network Skynet Worldwide Courier. Skynet Worldwide Courier has been delivering packages to more than 180 countries since 1972 and is the 6th largest courier network in the world.