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  March 30th, 2023 | Written by

Timely Tax Software Solutions to Accompany us in April 

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Tax season is upon us. Regardless of whether you’re handling the taxes for yourself or your company (or both), headaches and long hours are frequent companions. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act raised the standard deduction thus eliminating the need for many Americans to itemize deductions. Yet, having a good software solution is still vital to get you through April.


TurboTax, from Intuit, is one of the most well-known names in the tax business. Do-it-yourself (DIY) filers have a wealth of options, but it’s the offerings (for nearly every kind of taxpayer) that sets TurboTax apart. Full-service, premier packages are adequate for most medium to large businesses while self-employed folks filing federal returns pay in the range of $360.

One issue TurboTax has had to manage is regulatory scrutiny. The Federal Trade Commission sued TurboTax for deceptive marketing tactics and Intuit ended up paying a $141 million settlement. A stain for sure, but the software itself is still one of the best.

 If you know ahead of time that your return will be straightforward, is a smart choice. The interface is easy to navigate as is the pricing structure. There is no free federal option available, something that rivals enjoy pointing out. Yet, at the same time, does not engage in much marketing/up-selling into more expensive tax prep products. There is no charge for filing in multiple states or working with a variety of income streams.

 H&R Block

Not all tax software is straightforward. The ones that aren’t often require in-person help. Yet, accessing that help can be tricky. Most will offer some sort of advisory service, but H&R Block does it the best.

The company takes advantage of its more than 9,000 offices throughout the US which means it’s more than likely you can find someone near you. Free filing options are available to those taxpayers with simple returns, and if you get stuck access to on-demand video, screen share assistance or chat is available with an array of tax experts. This of course comes at a cost.


Owned by TaxHawk, FreeTaxUSA is a must for folks who are self-employed. In general, those who work for themselves have returns that can be a bit more complex. Multiple deductions are common, and the process is rarely as easy as an individual who is employed, earning a fixed salary month to month.

While FreeTaxUSA does not count on the extensive in-person network like H&R Block, their Deluxe Edition offers live chat assistance five days per week and is reasonably priced.

 Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

Lastly, if you file over multiple states, look no further than Jackson Hewitt. For a $25 flat fee, Jackson Hewitt provides a federal return and unlimited state returns. At such an attractive price point Jackson Hewitt manages to keep its competitors in check – many of whom charge separately for each state return. The firm has become especially popular with digital nomads that the pandemic only accelerated.