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EDF Climate Fellow to Join APL Logistics Team

EDF Climate Fellow to Join APL Logistics Team

APL Logistics announced the latest addition to the company will further support the company’s vision to grow sustainable solutions by creating a Scope Three Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corpsfellow, Sriram Rachamadugu, is the man behind Scope Three which will be available for customer use late 2019. This solution will model GHG Protocol greenhouse gas reduction scenarios aligned with the Global Logistics Emissions Council’s (GLEC) carbon accounting methodology.

“We are focused on innovative opportunities to serve our customers,” said William Villalon, President of APL Logistics. The ability to model value chain emissions is a critical first step to signal investors that we are considering the business risks of climate change. APL Logistics continues to prepare for shifts in public policy and consumer preference, as we make decisions that consider the needs of future generations.”

APL Logistics’ Visual Intelligence Team is the main source of data as the calculator gathers resources from EDF Supply Chain Solutions Center to create sustainable solutions.

“Organizations like the Climate Action 100, a cohort of 300+ institutional investors controlling $33+ trillion, believe disclosing the risks of climate change is their fiduciary responsibility,” added Jessica Balsam, Director of Sustainability for APL Logistics. “We are providing results aligned with the business goals of customers concerned with investor pressure and the proliferation of global greenhouse gas pricing schemes. Over time, APL Logistics is prepared to be an active voice in shaping these issues and identifying collaborative partnerships for systems-based solutions.”

“Sriram’s calculator will provide APL Logistics with the data needed to set specific and measurable climate goals, an important step in any organization’s sustainability journey, as well as establish the groundwork for which future sustainability projects can be carried out,” said Scott Wood, Director of EDF Climate Corps

APL Logistics Announces Company Additions

Eric Lee, a supply chain, logistics and transportation
attorney, has been confirmed as the official chief legal officer for APL Logistics. Mr. Lee will serve in his role at the Scottsdale, AZ region leading the company’s global legal department.

“Eric has played an integral role in growing our brand and reputation among the transportation, infrastructure and logistics sectors worldwide,” said David Whitestone, the leader of Holland & Knight’s Government Section and founder of the firm’s Transportation Industry Team. “We thank him for his many contributions to the success of our practice and wish him the very best in his new role at APL Logistics. They are very fortunate to have such a talented lawyer on their team.”

Mr. Lee will lead company’s teams in internal and external legal and business initiatives in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Middle Eastern regions.

“Eric’s diverse background and extensive experience with multinational logistics and supply chain issues and requirements is a tremendous addition to the team,” said Bill Villalon, president of APLL. “The entire APLL family is excited to have him join us
and help us as we continue to grow the company for the future.”


Green Freight Asia Certifications Earned by APL Logistics

In the theme of best practices, APL Logistics goes above and beyond  to improve operations while increasing fuel efficiencies in its daily road transport operations. The Green Freight Asia Certification (GFA) acknowledges just that. Made up of a network of companies in the road freight sector, the GFA promotes collaborations that transform supply chain logistics costs while aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and produce fuel efficiencies.

“APL Logistics is committed to constantly improve and provide sustainable supply chain solutions for its customers,” commented Paul Man, APL Logistics Regional Vice President for North Asia.

The company recently announced the GFA Certification was received for the following APL Logistics China entities:

– APL Logistics Supply Chain Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd

– APL Logistics Bonded Supply Chain Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  

-APL Logistics Supply Chain Services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

“As the need for sustainability grows, receiving the GFA official recognition attest to the good practices within the company and assure customers of our commitment towards improving the carbon efficiency of our road transport operations. We have already implemented fuel efficient and exhaust reduction technologies for our trucks in some of our key operation sites in China and will continue to bring sustainability in our freight operations to the next level,” concluded Man.

Source: APL Logistics