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Why Digital Acceleration Is the Narrative to Adopt

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Why Digital Acceleration Is the Narrative to Adopt

Digital transformation has become vital for any business in this digital era. Businesses that have adopted digital technology have by far transformed their organizations and how they do business. This transformation is evident in different business areas such as business processes, customer experience, business model, and strategy among other areas. However, circumstances and technologies are changing at a rapid rate. This calls for a need to increase the speed at which businesses adopt new technologies and digitize their processes if they are to keep up. This is where digital acceleration comes in.

Digital acceleration brings speed and continuity to digital transformation. The strategy ensures that businesses continually adopt new technologies into their business procedures as soon as the organization proves them useful. So, how important is digital acceleration and why should organizations adopt the narrative?

Enhancing scalability

Outdated technology often inhibits scalability as a business grows. This is especially where the technology can’t scale or its scalability doesn’t match the speed of the business growth. Digital acceleration increases business adaptability to rapidly changing circumstances by enabling businesses to adjust or update their technologies as and when needed. In addition, digital acceleration brings in the latest technologies such as cloud computing services. Such technologies eliminate unnecessary delays as well as installation and migration challenges. This enables organizations to scale up efficiently.

Enabling data-driven decision-making

Decisions based on data are always factual, resulting in decisions that empower business growth in all areas. However, data-driven decision-making can result in not too well-informed decisions if the data available is incomplete or inaccurate. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes that can be costly down the line.

Digital acceleration enhances data collection and analysis through automation, centralizing data, and information integration. With real-time data and a single source of truth, organizations get access to valuable insights that empower well-informed business decisions.

Optimizing customer experience

The modern consumer is very keen on the experience. In fact, a bigger percentage of customers can pay more for a better experience. So, if any business is to retain its customers longer and acquire new ones, enhancing customer experience is vital.

Digital acceleration allows organizations to adopt technologies that help understand their customers better and what their needs are through improved customer interactions. In addition, adopting mobile technology and optimizing website speed improves customer experience significantly. SEO can help greatly in this area by improving website load speed for both mobile and desktop. Furthermore, SEO can help identify user intent, enabling a personalized experience. And, with a good content strategy, SEO can ensure that you offer answers to customer questions at the right time.

Besides this, working with an SEO company can help your business succeed in the digital acceleration strategy. Digital transformation starts with having a website for your business. However, the efforts would be futile if your target customers don’t know about it. SEO helps your website rank higher in the search engines, which helps in digital acceleration. Through digital marketing strategies such as link building, social media marketing, quality content, keyword usage, and more, you can benefit from increased organic traffic to your website.

Improving competency

As said earlier, digital transformation is a continuous process that requires organizations to continually adopt new technologies as they emerge and as they become necessary. For this reason, members are continually learning different new skills to equip them with the ability to use and even explore the possibilities of these new technologies. This improves digital competency across the organization. What’s more, the skills learned can be utilized in other areas of the organization, increasing innovation across the team.

Increasing business resilience

By definition, business resilience is an organization’s ability to bounce back and ensure business continuity in times of uncertainty. This entails being able to adapt to disruptions quickly and in a way that important business processes aren’t halted.

Digital acceleration enhances digital maturity and enables businesses to adopt new technologies easily and quickly. This prepares businesses to respond quickly to changing circumstances in a crisis, which helps them thrive in unprecedented environments.


In a business environment that changes rapidly, digital transformation isn’t just enough. Digital acceleration has become a strategic necessity for forward-thinking enterprises. Increasing the speed at which businesses adopt useful technologies comes with various business benefits. Businesses are able to build and enhance resilience, improve customer experience, enable data-driven decision-making, empower scalability and ensure competence across the entire organization among other benefits.

How to Be a Strong Leader during Coronavirus

The economic and social uncertainties that the coronavirus pandemic has precipitated all over the world have created new and harsh challenges for political, religious, community, and business leaders. No one saw the current pandemic coming, so not many leaders were sufficiently prepared for it. But then, a leader must lead regardless of how unprepared or inexperienced.

In the business world, leaders are struggling to cope with the new realities of social distancing and the increased need for remote working. This is a time when business leaders need to inspire hope among their employees, even as they struggle to keep their businesses afloat. It is a time when leaders need to take quick actions that will save supply chains from collapsing. Consumer trends are changing faster than ever experienced before, and businesses must keep up with the trends or risk running out of business. Indeed, difficult and important decisions must be made and made fast. But how can a leader inspire hope during these difficult times?

For a start, business leaders must work closely with all stakeholders- governments, clients, partners, investors, and employees- in monitoring the virus and prioritizing everyone’s safety. At the same time, they must try to cushion the financial future of their organizations and employees. Strong leadership skills have never been more relevant. Here are 5 strong leadership skills that will help you provide the leadership that your employees so desperately need:

 1. Have a compelling and consistent message

Communication in times of crisis is way more demanding than during any other time, particularly because your subordinates must believe in your message first before agreeing to abide by it. You need to inspire hope that the current crisis will come to an end soon, but then the people you are inspiring are convinced otherwise. People are desperate for “the normal” so that they can go back to pursuing their careers and lives, but then their optimism is gone. Their only hope is that their leaders can chart a path forward, but then most of them don’t trust anyone who has the right answers to this pandemic. You will have a better shot at inspiring your staff if your actions and body language are consistent with your words. This is the time to leverage the experiences, values, talents, and qualities that your juniors appreciate about you. Build your message around those qualities and be consistent while at it.

2. Be empathetic

You will need to make tough decisions during this crisis, but you must always come from a place of empathy. This is a time when your listening skills for managers will be put to test like never before; a time when you have to understand the feelings and experiences of your juniors before making any decisions. Such skills will help you detect fear and agony in the questions your juniors ask, so you are able to empathize with everyone and give the right directives. Note that it is natural for some of your juniors to feel like you don’t have answers or good enough solutions to their fears. If you are empathetic, however, you will understand their paranoia and skepticism better and that will enable you to package your solutions in a way that inspires hope in the midst of the paranoia, doubts, and hopelessness.

3. Be tenacious

Strive not to be overwhelmed by the challenges this pandemic has brought. Let everyone see your determination in defeating this disease and its ripple effects. Being tenacious includes thinking long-term and helping everyone around you to see the bigger picture, even when the present reality seems so bleak and unsettling. As much as you need to be reactive when handling problems as they come, you need to be responsive as well. That is how you will convert your employees and people around you to be believers and followers. Of course, the solution lies far into the future but it is only through your today’s tenacity that the future everyone wants will be achieved.

4. Be truthful

There is a lot of misinformation doing rounds on social media and that has led to confusion. Don’t fuel that trend. Be straightforward and honest in your messages, focusing more on how the virus can be defeated.

5. Ask for help when you need it

The people you work with have almost the same dreams and ambitions as you. They also have ideas that could help you navigate these murky waters of the COVID-19 era. That is why it is okay to go to them for ideas on how to move forward.


With a little more courage, emotional intelligence, and integrity, you will easily navigate the current coronavirus crisis. Remember to care for the people around you and to communicate effectively and with clarity. We shall overcome!


5 Merits of a Multinational Workplace

Being in a multinational workplace simply implies that your business has its operations in more than one country. The term is different from a business that is said to be international. An international organization has all its activities in one country but exports its products to different other countries.

The multinational business is already established in other countries like they have their offices in those other countries. It is of course very advantageous to have operations in different countries in the world rather than having all your operations centralized but exporting to other countries. You could also become a life coach and work with multinational companies to assist them to embrace a diverse work environment.

Cost Advantages

This is one of the major advantages. The multinational companies are advantageous in that they can be able to locate countries where there are tax incentives and cheap labor. If they establish even bigger operations and expand their stores in that country then they will definitely make good money as compared to the international companies. 

This will be due to the incentive given by the government to private investors. Again if there is cheap labor it means the company will have lowered the cost of operations. They could even transport some of the employees to their other branches in other countries. This will effectively reduce their operating costs and hence more profits. The company will also be aware of the ideal countries where they could get supplies cheaply because of the exposure and also what business thrives in what country.

Workforce Innovation

Having employees from different nations is an added advantage to your business. The distinct cultures do give a different fundamental approach in business, society, management, and life with all its aspects. Having different cultures in your research and development team ensures your business stays at the front of innovations and inventions.

You need to know that not only products and services will benefit from multicultural co-operation in your organization. Your firm will also benefit from a wide range of ideas in production methods and marketing strategies.

Huge Valuable Network

Having a multinational company exposes you to more information and knowledge on diverse aspects of business and life in general. You will meet new customers, new cultures, prominent leaders and many other people who you will share brilliant ideas with. These multinational companies offer employees a perfect opportunity to be innovative as they share ideas from different cultures. They will also be very creative and of course, this is a plus for your business. The marketing term will come up with some value addition strategies that you couldn’t have figured out yourself.

International Travels

Your presence in a multinational business means that you will definitely be traveling to other countries. These are the countries where your company has established its operations and some of its branches. The business will require someone to be checking at how things are running, representation in meetings in those countries. 

These trips including even the business trips will give you a chance to explore new places and learn about their diverse cultures and way of doing things. Understanding the different nationalities and cultures basically opens up new opportunities for you. As you meet the new personalities you will learn a thing or two from them and even leave with a brilliant idea from them.

Holiday Destination Ideas

Working for a multinational company means you are going to meet more people from virtually all over the world. During your interactions with them, they could be probably talking about their countries and places one could visit. The best holidays are the ones you head on to a place that you at least have a clue about from friends.

The colleagues at the workplace will recommend beautiful sandy beaches that they have been to and amazing restaurants that can be found within or someplace they have visited. Some colleagues will even decide to take you there for a reconnaissance such that once you plan to go there you are already familiar with the place.

Bottom Line

Simply saying, a multinational company is very advantageous more than an international one. You will be having international travels by being in a multinational company and see new cities and towns. There is also more revenue in such kind of a company hence the pay for employees is better.

Meeting with people from other nationalities opens you up to the world and to more ideas on how things work. The employees become more creative and innovative.