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How to Attract and Retain Young and Talented People in Transport and Logistics

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How to Attract and Retain Young and Talented People in Transport and Logistics

When people talk about transport and logistics, they think it is all about moving goods. However, they are wrong. Transport and logistics are not about the goods, but about the people – people are the driving force behind this industry. Yet, those same people, or to say, the lack of those people, are the ones posing the colossal threat to the industry because they keep leaving. Thus, it goes without saying that the industry needs to step up to attract and retain young talented people in transport and logistics. It is time for a ‘make-over.’

So, what is happening to the transport and logistics industry? It suffers from a lousy image! Young generations consider working in this sector undesirable. And, as a result, the industry is faced with an existential crisis – the current workforce is aging, and there is no one younger to replace them.

You Need to Show Trust and Kindness

If you want to attract young talented people not only in transport and logistics but in every possible industry out there, the first thing you need to do is show trust and kindness. According to a recent study, 95% of the young people examined said that mutual respect and trust are the most critical aspects of a working relationship.

The work atmosphere is essential. Finding happiness at work must be possible in all sectors and all industries. Thus, transport and logistic managers must learn how to lead the way properly. They must trust their workers and take the best of their intellect and creativity while giving them a voice. Caring for workers and recognizing all their contributions is the thing that will help you first attract, and afterward retain, young and talented people.

Offer Training and Development Opportunities

Most jobs in transport and logistics are a part of a deskless workforce. While most people say that they prefer this kind of job position, one that will not force them to sit in the same spot for 8 hours, logistics and transportation managers still have to do a lot more to attract young talents.

They can do that by finding a way to conduct training lessons differently. Instead of having courses in the classroom, teachers, leaders, and managers should take the trainees outside. Going to the place where the action happens can provoke excitement and show how interesting this job can actually be.

Moreover, in order to retain workers, they must be given constant training and development opportunities. Luckily, there are many ways to improve training and achieve measurable business results. For instance, training can be mobile – young generations are tech-savvy and will appreciate this. Or, you can organize some training activities during work getaways or team-building events where employees can talk to their supervisors and learn from the best.

Allow Flexibility at Work  

Flexibility at work is fundamental for all young workers out there. This is a thing that will both attract and retain young talented people in transport and logistics industry. Create a business culture where integrating professional and personal is painless.

All workers, and especially younger ones, prefer a job position where work-life balance is possible. Many parts of transportation and logistics job positions can be done from home. So, allow that possibility! Moreover, create more flexible schedules where possible. Give your workers a sense of freedom, and they will stay.

Offer a Relocation Package for Foreign Workers 

If finding professional and experienced people in transportation and logistics or finding people willing to learn this new skill was futile and unsuccessful, consider widening your candidate pool. The only way to do that is to look for talents from other countries. If you offer a good salary and the previously mentioned flexibility, trust, kindness, and an opportunity to grow, you will have no trouble finding people you need.

However, keep in mind that people from other countries may find it difficult to relocate, mainly because of financial reasons. So, offering a relocation package is the way to go. A relocation package, among other things, includes hiring a moving company, which will tend to all your employee’s needs. By doing this, the pool of potential workers you will attract will rise.

Suggest a Fair Salary, And Be Willing to Negotiate 

Of course, one of the first things potential employees see when they look at the job position is the salary. And, many people think that a high salary is a thing that attracts workers the most. But, they are wrong. Young generations are more interested in getting fair and transparent wages. That is the main thing that will keep them on board.

All workers will be satisfied as long as their salaries seem adequate and up to standard. However, employers should always keep an open mind and be willing to negotiate with their employees, both current and potential future ones. This is how they show the previously mentioned trust, kindness, and respect. Moreover, giving the employees an opportunity to grow and a promise of a higher salary will also improve the company’s efficiency and employee productivity.

If you do your best to attract and retain young talented people in transport and logistics, you will completely change the image this industry has been struggling with.


Jennifer Delaney is freelance content creator for companies like Heart Moving, NYC. Relocation and logistics topics are her specialty, given that she had worked in for a moving company before she decided to embark on a different career path. She spends her free time tending to her garden and playing with her two kids and a dog.

Automated Route Planning in the Works for Hupac Intermodal

Hupac Intermodal announced the upcoming implementation of Nexiot’s software solution to its in-house cargo management systems for supporting efforts managing delays, traffic, and route journeys.

“Nexiot is providing its customers with the highest level of transparency across the supply chain, which enables them to differentiate their offering, increase efficiencies and unlock additional revenue potential,” said Marcel Scheurer, Chief Commercial Officer at Nexiot. “Our distinctly collaborative integration approach and operational industry experience help our customers to extract the maximum value out of the technical solution.”

Nexiot has provided solutions for Hupac for the last two years. The
European intermodal network operator currently employs Nextiot’s self-sustaining sensors for real-time visibility from device-fitted wagons. This device provides information such as location, mileage, and border crossings every five minutes.

“We began working with Nexiot two years ago when we applied the smart sensors to 1,000 of our intermodal wagons,” said Aldo Puglisi, responsible for Digitalisation and Business Processes Reengineering at Hupac Intermodal. “When we began to analyse the data generated by the sensors in collaboration with Nexiot, we realized that it could be used to identify and predict weak spots in the supply chain, helping us make more informed planning decisions in an optimal way.”

Following the full integration of the digitization offered by Nexiot, Hupac will ultimately reap the benefits of optimization, information sharing with partners, time and money savings, as well as an overall reduction in risks and errors.