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Consumer Insights and Collaboration to Boost E-commerce Incentives

Consumer Insights and Collaboration to Boost E-commerce Incentives

China’s largest social commerce platform, Taobao Marketplace, and Bilibili, a leading online entertainment platform, confirmed a business collaboration to focus on, “content-driven e-commerce and commercialization of Bilibili’s intellectual property (“IP”) assets,” (EIN).  The company’s will do this by utilizing consumer insights while integrating the platforms and the visibility between content creators, merchandise, and users.

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Bilibili, Rui Chen commented:

“This business collaboration with Taobao is a remarkable testament to Bilibili’s commercial potential and closely aligns us with China’s leading and most successful e-commerce platform,” said Mr. Rui Chen, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Bilibili. “We can now leverage Taobao’s gigantic platform and seasoned e-commerce operating capabilities to further help our content creators realize and improve their commercial values, thereby building a more-virtuous content community and commercialization-focused ecosystem.”

“Through this collaboration, we will better incentivize the creativity of our young people and will utilize each other’s strengths and resources to generate more premium content. We look forward to working with Taobao to fulfill the tremendous entertainment and consumption needs of the young generations in China, and importantly, in turn, we look forward to increasing the value we bring to all of our stakeholders,” he said.

With the resource sharing that automatically comes with the collaboration, both companies are enabled to better understand consumer needs as well as how to tap into potential markets.

“Early in 2015, Taobao rolled out a program to encourage bloggers, writers and online experts to post content on various channels on Taobao, to amplify the value of creative content. Over 1.6 million content creators, including anime, comic and games (ACG) experts, were actively supporting the Taobao App and helping brands on our platform engage with consumers,” said Fan Jiang, Vice President of Alibaba Group and President of Taobao. “Through deep cooperation with IP holders and content creators, Taobao has experienced the great potential of ACG. We greatly value Bilibili’s unique online hub themed around ACG, and appreciate “Gen Z” demographic expertise and believe there is a great, natural synergy between us. Together with Bilibili, we are devoted to tapping into the significant business value of this coveted demographic and bringing rich content and products to the young generations.”

Source: EIN Presswire