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5 Crucial Safety Solutions to Keep Your Employees Safe in Any Tier Lockdown


5 Crucial Safety Solutions to Keep Your Employees Safe in Any Tier Lockdown

The tier system that was introduced to apply Covid restrictions clearly lines out what we can, and cannot do. What stays open, and who has to close up shop. But what it doesn’t tell us, is how we can keep our employees safe, no matter what tier the UK will be locked down under. Mike Jordan, CEO of Summit Defence, has put together a list of 5 crucial solutions that can assure ultimate safety on the work floor for you and your employees.

1. Keeping distance

One of the first rules that came into effect when the pandemic kicked off is the social distancing measures. These can and need to, be applied in a working environment as well. This can be done by coordinating tasks very specifically for each individual, creating a space within the business that’s theirs to perform their work in, whilst eliminating as much contact and crossover with others as much as possible. Mark things with tape, stickers and demarcate using perspex shields.

2. Planning is essential

Another way of preventing paths from being crossed too often is to keep tight planning of shifts by setting up working teams to limit the number of people your employees get in contact with. Keep a record of who works when and alongside which other employees for Test & Trace purposes. Also, allow enough time in between shifts for workstations and equipment to be cleaned and properly disinfected so the next shift can make a safe and swift start of their day.

3. Hygiene should be a top priority

Whilst this should go without saying, it is important to keep everything as sterile as possible. We touch more things, more often, than we are aware of. Limiting this is of course not ideal, so ensuring employees have the opportunity to sanitize their hands frequently and easily by setting up cleaning stations and keeping the need for contact to a limited number of people is a great way to minimize transmission of germs.

4. Provide safe facilities and tools

The same hygiene protocols go for facilities such as showers, changing rooms, and lockers. Ensure they are cleaned after every shift change whilst having users practice social distancing much as possible. Regulate the cleaning of vehicles, equipment, tools, boxes, etcetera. Don’t compromise on the convenience and necessities of facilities for your staff by keeping things running smoothly whilst ensuring everything is safe and clean to use.

5. Strict management of contacts

Aim to minimize outside visits into your business facility. This goes for everything from business meetings to deliveries and customers. Let employees work from home where possible, and encourage any meetings or visits to take place via a digital meeting. If in-person visits are necessary, try to limit them whilst keeping a record of everyone that comes in and have them utilize the cleaning stations upon arrival and throughout their stay.


Mike Jordan, Managing Director at Summit Defence has over 30 years in the plastics industry, running a business since 1990. Recently he’s designed a unique flexible protective screen in light of the COVID crisis, producing and delivering thousands of screens to the NHS, schools, clubs and offices across the UK.