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  April 17th, 2021 | Written by

Surgical Examination Gowns to Observe Consistent Demand in the Near Future

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  • It has been estimated that the global examination gowns market size will register a revenue share through 2026.
  • Examination gown suppliers are focusing on company acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships, to gain an edge.

The demand for examination gowns will be significantly bolstered by the consistent prevalence of chronic diseases. The rising cases of the coronavirus have necessitated the protection of the healthcare workers to combat the infection. Examination gowns, also referred to as medical gowns are widely utilized across health care settings as personal protective equipment.

The gowns mainly protect their wearers from infections or other illnesses that can be caused by highly infectious liquid and solid substances. They also restrict these individuals from transferring microorganisms that are likely to affect vulnerable patients that possess weak immune systems.  In addition, the examination gowns deploy advanced infection-control strategies.

It has been estimated that the global examination gowns market size will register a significant revenue share through 2026. The market value of surgical examination gowns will expand at a considerable rate owing to their higher adoption across all four risk levels. These gowns are highly opted by health care personnel and the affected patients. This is because they offer higher protection from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, as well as particulate components to these individuals during surgical procedures.

Use for minimum patient isolation

Non-surgical gowns will witness higher adoption in the next few years as they are well suited to cover most of the body that is appropriate to the tasks. These components are not preferred in surgical and invasive procedures, or in instances where there is a high risk of contamination. Besides, the non-surgical gowns guard the wearers against the spread of microorganisms and body fluids in low and minimal-risk patient isolation conditions.

The annual revenue from minimal risk examination gowns will strike a significant growth rate due to their higher use in basic care situations. These gowns are employed in standard isolation and medical units. They also act as a cover gown for visitors.

On the other hand, the demand for high-risk examination gowns will grow with uses in long and fluid intense surgical operations. They are specifically utilized to offer resistance against pathogens and in instances where infectious diseases are suspected.

Rising popularity of reusable examination gowns

Industry share from reusable examination gowns will register remarkable traction on account of their higher preference over their disposable counterparts. This can be owed to their cost-effectiveness with regard to production, waste, and carbon footprints. These medical gowns also possess optimum barrier properties like a high level of repellency and superior fabric thickness. They also have a longer wash lifespan and offer serviceability features beyond protection, like comfort, durability, and appearance retention.

Examination gown suppliers are focusing on company acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships, to gain an edge over their competitors while simultaneously broadening their footprint across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has also substantially paved the way for capacity expansions and novel product launches. For instance, Huntsman Textile Effects collaborated with woven fabric manufacturer, Bao Minh Textile, in May 2020, to come up with fabrics that adhere to stringent performance standards that are needed for isolation gowns.

Medline Industries, Inc., AmeriPride Services Inc., Cardinal Health Standard Textile Co., Inc., and Angelica Corporation are some other companies producing and supplying various types of examination gowns.