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Production of Powder Urethane Surface Coatings to Rise at a Robust Pace in the Coming Years

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Production of Powder Urethane Surface Coatings to Rise at a Robust Pace in the Coming Years

Urethane surface coatings are witnessing higher adoption across several industrial verticals considering their outstanding tensile and tear strength attributes. Due to their versatile properties and ability to retain durability in extreme temperature ranges, they are well-suited for construction, textile, and transportation applications. In addition, the coatings show resistance to water, oil, oxidation as well as abrasion. They are also utilized in plastics, dyes, as well as explosives and assist in protecting valuable equipment from harsh industrial environments.

The urethane surface coatings are incorporated to seal marine hulls from coastal elements, corrosion, and harsh weather. They can be applied to all categories of boats as well as ships and find utility in protecting gas and oil pipelines. However, the coatings bear a significantly higher cost and give rise to odor and smoke during the curing processes. Their chronic exposure can also lead to extreme toxicity and neurological disorders when absorbed by the human skin.

It has been suggested that the global urethane surface coatings market size will grow at a significant rate through 2027.

The preference for powder urethane surface coatings is likely to stir in the near future considering their excessive requirement across exterior functional applications. They help to counter chemical exposure as they possess optimum corrosion and chemical resistance, flexibility as well as hardness. Furthermore, these coatings are increasingly favored over epoxy powders as they impart superior exterior durability and overbake stability.

The demand for urethane surface coating technology across the automotive industry will reach substantial traction due to their increasing penetration in the manufacturing of various car parts. Bumpers adhered with urethane surface coatings are more resistant to impact in comparison to traditional steel components. The automotive ceilings and windows also make use of these materials to maintain intactness for proper functioning. Besides, the aerospace industry is witnessing a greater need for urethane surface coatings to protect aircraft and enhance their fuel efficiency.

The electrical and electronic applications are expected to record a higher consumption of urethane surface coatings in order to manufacture numerous significant components. They are widely employed in protective smartphone cases and various parts of printed circuit boards. The coatings are also making their place in microelectronics to offer protection from an optimum number of environmental hazards. They are utilized in refrigerator components like the rack of dishwashers to keep the appliance quiet. Furthermore, the underwater cables also make use of urethane surface coatings to refrain the internal wires from water damages.

Leading suppliers of urethane surface coatings and technology are constantly focused on strategies such as acquisitions, partnerships, and capacity expansions to enhance their production capacities and strengthen their customer base. These firms are also coming up with innovative launches to sustain the increasing competition in the current COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, in March 2021, PPG introduced Pitthane Ultra Ls, a high-performance urethane coating line for corrosive applications that need low sheen to reduce glare and hide surface imperfections.