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  May 21st, 2021 | Written by

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) donates $10,000 to Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) in Efforts to Eradicate Human Trafficking

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  • “TAT is an organization that has shown a passion about and commitment to this issue for more than a decade."
  • “The transportation industry and specifically, truck drivers, play a critical role in combating human trafficking."

Transportation Intermediaries Association, TIA, announced on May 12, 2021, that they partnered and donated $10,000 to the Truckers Against Trafficking, TAT, in efforts to combat human trafficking in the transportation Industry. The donation will go towards the TAT’s Shipper Partner Program that specializes in educating suppliers on the impact of human trafficking, how to become proactive against it, and eradicating human trafficking.

As the voice of the third-party logistics industry, TIA announced during day two the Opening Session of the TIA 2021 Capital Idea Conference in front of a virtual audience of 300 participants across the 3PL and freight brokerage industry. Anne Reinke, President, and CEO of TIA, Michael Riccio, TIA Board Chair, Kendis Paris, TAT Executive Director, and Cofounder, to discuss how members of the transportation industry can collaborate to endeavor prevention towards human trafficking on America’s roadways.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking as part of TIA’s recent efforts to engage its members, the transportation industry, and the general public in raising awareness in identifying instances of human trafficking and preventing it from taking place in communities across America,” noted TIA President & CEO Anne Reinke. “TAT is an organization that has shown a passion about and commitment to this issue for more than a decade, and we’re honored to be the latest industry partner to join in supporting the amazing programs and services TAT provides.”

TAT has three main goals to saturate trucking, bus, and energy industries with information and materials; to partner with law enforcement and government agencies to facilitate the investigation of human trafficking; and to marshal the resources of our partners to combat this crime. TAT has a superior track record on delivering the goals with more than 87% of every dollar donates goes directly to their human trafficking programs and services.

“The transportation industry and, more specifically, truck drivers, play a critical role in combating human trafficking,” said Michael Riccio, CTB, Chief Marketing Officer of Leonard’s Express and TIA’s Incoming Board Chairman. “It is critical that we continue to educate, train, and engage with law enforcement and others in our industry to stop this horrible crime, and partnering with Kendis and Truckers Against Trafficking will help position TIA to do just that.”

TIA’s partnership with TAT follows the Association formally signing the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking initiative during Day 1 of the conference.

“Using their points of intersection, 3PLs play a critical role in helping to educate and activate their logistics partners to address the realities of human trafficking through TAT partnerships,” noted Kendis Paris, TAT Executive Director & Co-Founder. “TIA’s support will specifically help bolster our Shipping Partners program, which last year alone, led to over 300 new carrier relationships for our organization. We applaud the Association’s efforts in marshaling their resources in the fight to end human trafficking.”

To learn more about Truckers Against Trafficking, the TAT Shipper Partner Program, or how you can get involved in supporting the organization and its programs and services, please visit