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Kardex Introduces FulfillX: Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment Efficiency at MODEX 2024


Kardex Introduces FulfillX: Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment Efficiency at MODEX 2024

Kardex made waves at MODEX 2024, the premier international supply chain trade show held in Atlanta from March 11 to 14, by unveiling its groundbreaking FulfillX solution. Crafted by seasoned automation engineers, FulfillX maximizes the potential of AutoStore robotic cube storage systems, offering the swiftest order fulfillment solution per square foot available in the market.

Representing the latest advancement in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), AutoStore powered by Kardex enables new systems to expedite their launch and eliminates unforeseen hurdles during deployment, often meeting or surpassing business expectations in as little as six months.

As a leading global provider of automated storage solutions and material handling systems, Kardex collaborated with cube storage pioneer AutoStore to introduce FulfillX. This innovative warehouse execution system (WES) optimizes picking, packing, and inventory processes, unleashing the full potential of AutoStore while ensuring seamless order fulfillment.

FulfillX provides users with a comprehensive real-time overview of their operations, simplifying workflow management, offering downtime estimates, and facilitating rapid deployment of enhancements, all backed by Kardex’s dedicated AutoStore support team.

Cutter & Buck Embraces AutoStore with FulfillX

With customer expectations for rapid delivery and efficient order fulfillment soaring, conventional solutions are struggling to keep pace. Kardex FulfillX for AutoStore stands out by achieving full operational capacity in as little as six months.

Renowned US clothing retailer Cutter & Buck transformed its omnichannel business by adopting AutoStore powered by Kardex FulfillX WES. Faced with surging online and in-store sales and expanding inventory levels, Cutter & Buck installed an AutoStore system with FulfillX at its Renton, WA facility.

The speed and density of AutoStore’s robotic cube solution, combined with FulfillX’s focused ‘pick to pack’ approach, perfectly suited Cutter & Buck’s fulfillment center near Seattle. By embracing automation to tackle business challenges head-on, Cutter & Buck optimized inventory and order fulfillment processes, delivering streamlined results.

Kardex Showcases Innovations at Modex 2024

Attendees at MODEX 2024 had the opportunity to witness firsthand how Kardex seamlessly integrates software expertise with AutoStore cube storage solutions to create user-friendly, highly configurable ASRS solutions.

Alongside unveiling new warehouse software developments, Kardex conducted live demonstrations of its Intuitive Pick Assistant. This innovative warehouse solution features a user-friendly picking display that projects relevant information directly onto the access opening, enhancing accuracy and ergonomics. Compatible with both Kardex Remstar and AutoStore ports, the Intuitive Pick Assistant utilizes digital tools and augmented reality to enhance picking efficiency.

Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions AutoStore, expressed enthusiasm about showcasing their automation solutions at MODEX 2024, highlighting the transformative impact of FulfillX for companies like Cutter & Buck. Matt Savoie, AutoStore Partner Sales Manager, also praised the collaboration with Kardex on FulfillX, emphasizing its role in pushing the boundaries of cube storage technology to deliver unparalleled order fulfillment efficiency.

In Conclusion

Kardex’s FulfillX solution represents a paradigm shift in order fulfillment efficiency, offering unmatched speed and agility in the rapidly evolving landscape of warehouse automation. With its successful implementation at leading retailers like Cutter & Buck, FulfillX stands as a testament to the power of innovation in revolutionizing supply chain operations.

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Softeon Unveils Cutting-Edge Warehousing Solutions at MODEX 2024

Softeon, a premier provider of tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) solutions, is set to showcase its latest innovations in warehouse optimization and material handling at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta. With a focus on WMS implementations, automated warehousing, and material handling, Softeon will host two informative sessions alongside live demonstrations and expert networking opportunities at Booth #C7466 during the event held at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 11-14.

Attendees at MODEX will have the chance to engage with Softeon’s industry experts during two insightful sessions:

1. “Ensuring the ROI from WMS Implementations” featuring Brian Pier, Vice President of Solution Delivery
– Date: Tuesday, March 12
– Time: 1:30 – 2:15 p.m. ET
– Location: Theater A

2. “Successfully Navigating the Great Material Handling Integration Challenge” led by Mark Fralick, Chief Technology Officer
– Date: Wednesday, March 13
– Time: 3:30 – 4:15 p.m. ET
– Location: Theater I

Mark Fralick, Chief Technology Officer at Softeon, highlighted the significance of automation in addressing labor challenges while acknowledging the operational complexities it introduces. Fralick’s session will delve into strategies for accelerating WMS deployment and the pivotal role of warehouse execution systems (WES) in orchestrating fulfillment processes across automated and non-automated operations.

Fralick will also discuss the increasing importance of mobile robot platforms for managing diverse robot types and vendors within a unified environment, aligning with industry projections indicating a rise in multiagent orchestration platforms by 2026, as per a Gartner report.

Brian Pier, Vice President of Solution Delivery at Softeon, will shed light on optimizing microflows and the benefits of a composable WMS, emphasizing its role in enhancing flexibility and agility for improved adaptability and long-term return on investment (ROI).

In addition to attending Softeon’s warehouse-related sessions, MODEX attendees can join in a hole-in-one putting contest at the company’s booth #C7466.

Global supply chain leaders are encouraged to register to meet with Softeon’s team during MODEX by visiting


HWArobotics Introduces its Reliable, Customizable Shuttle Systems at MODEX 2024

HWArobotics made a significant impact at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta by introducing its cutting-edge shuttle systems, now available to companies across North America. With two decades of experience in the field, HWArobotics showcased its high-quality, reliable, and efficient automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) technology, aiming to expand its presence in the region and forge new partnerships.

The company presented a comprehensive range of ASRS technology, including tote shuttles and pallet shuttles, along with associated cargo lifts, racking, and control software. These systems are designed to optimize logistics and supply chain management operations, boasting system availability of over 99% and delivering high throughput for various industry sectors.

At Booth C3885, attendees had the opportunity to explore HWArobotics’ products, which utilize high-performance components from European suppliers like Siemens, Voestalpine, and Hilti. The showcased SLS300, SLS400, and SLS600 series tote shuttles, along with the FPSS1500 pallet shuttle, exemplify the company’s commitment to durability, efficiency, and versatility.

The SLS300 series standard tote shuttle storage system offers high efficiency and continuous operation for up to 24 hours, achieving speeds of up to 4 m/s and handling up to 120 boxes per hour. The SLS400 series variable tote shuttle system provides compatibility and flexibility, allowing for the mix and storage of containers of different sizes.

Additionally, the SLS600 3D tote shuttle system caters to low-traffic, high-efficiency environments, offering excellent warehouse sharing capabilities and easily adjustable system capacity. The FPSS1500 series pallet shuttle system, designed for warehouses and distribution centers, enhances operational efficiency with its advanced four-directional movement and AI scheduling algorithms.

HWArobotics’ General Manager, Sky Chen, expressed pride in the company’s 20 years of experience as a pioneer in shuttle robot systems, highlighting its commitment to exceptional customer service and technological innovation. The recent deployment of HWArobotics shuttle systems by Darwynn underscores the effectiveness of their technology in automating and optimizing logistics and storage processes.

With a strong global customer base, including prominent names like Bosch UAES, Hisense Hitachi, SONY, and, HWArobotics aims to enhance the competitiveness of North American businesses by offering intelligent warehouse and manufacturing plant upgrading solutions. Their advanced shuttle systems represent a significant leap forward in the field of warehousing and logistics automation.


GreyOrange Showcases Cutting-Edge Robotics Integration at MODEX 2024

GreyOrange, a leader in AI-driven fulfillment automation, is unveiling its innovative robotics integration at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta. The company’s vendor-agnostic GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform is at the forefront of seamless warehouse automation, as demonstrated through live demos with partner companies in Booth #C5692.

Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of GreyOrange, highlights the company’s commitment to advancing the industry by partnering with reputable hardware vendors in its Certified Ranger Network. These partnerships, including Hai Robotics, Quicktron, Youibot, Wellwit Robotics, Mushiny, Tompkins Robotics, and Cypher Robotics, enable seamless integration of various robot types and functions with GreyMatter, offering customers tailored end-to-end warehousing solutions.

GreyOrange’s demonstrations at MODEX feature Certified Ranger Network bots showcasing “results-driven robotics” within automated warehouses. Attendees will experience firsthand how GreyMatter efficiently coordinates multiple process flows and hardware agents, enhancing productivity and scalability across distribution centers.

The flexibility of GreyMatter’s hardware agnostic capabilities allows end users to select from a range of hardware service providers for tasks such as Goods-to-Person (GTP) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) functions. This flexibility drives results by optimizing the utilization of multiple agents, including robots and humans, to increase efficiency in material flows.

MODEX attendees can visit Booth #C5692 to engage with GreyOrange leaders during live demonstrations and experience a virtual reality (VR) tour of customer sites and cutting-edge automation. Interested parties can also schedule a meeting with a GreyOrange subject matter expert to witness multiagent orchestration firsthand.

MODEX 2024 presents an opportunity for 3PL providers, retailers, and industrial end users to explore GreyOrange’s innovative automation solutions and witness the seamless integration of robotics within warehouse environments.


Kardex Unveils Kardex FulfillX: Revolutionizing AutoStore Systems at MODEX 2024

Kardex, a global leader in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), is introducing Kardex FulfillX, an innovative warehouse execution system tailored specifically for AutoStore empowered by Kardex systems, at MODEX 2024. Kardex FulfillX streamlines the implementation process, enabling new AutoStore systems to scale up rapidly and achieve or surpass performance targets within just 6 months. Attendees at MODEX, taking place in Atlanta from March 11 to 14, will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge automation and robotics solutions at booth B6410.

In addition to unveiling Kardex FulfillX, visitors can witness live demonstrations of Kardex’s Intuitive Pick Assistant, which projects relevant picking information directly onto the access opening surface for both Kardex Remstar and AutoStore ports. This intuitive picking display enhances efficiency, speed, and accuracy in the picking process.

During the exhibition, Kardex will host two live on-floor seminars and a media event:

• ‘Maximizing Space & Optimizing Labor: Transforming Your Warehouse with ASRS Automation’ on Tuesday, March 12, at 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM in Theater F
• ‘Transformational Robotics and Software: How AutoStore Empowered by Kardex Helped Cutter & Buck Reinvent Their Omnichannel Business’ on Wednesday, March 13, at 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM in Theater D
• A media event presenting FulfillX to press members on Tuesday, March 12, at 10 – 10:30 AM in the MODEX Press Conference Room, Building B, Level 2, Room B217

Attendees will have the opportunity to experience Kardex’s entire portfolio of solutions, including vertical lift modules, vertical carousel modules, vertical buffer modules, and AutoStore systems, come to life using augmented reality. The comprehensive software packages, service, and modernization concepts complete Kardex’s portfolio of solutions.

As a global AutoStore partner, Kardex is committed to delivering efficient solutions for small parts orders. Kardex FulfillX, in collaboration with AutoStore, enables businesses to achieve remarkable results in a short timeframe and is recognized as the fastest order fulfillment system per square foot on the market.

Matt Savoie, AutoStore Partner Sales Manager, emphasizes, “Kardex’s innovative FulfillX warehouse execution system enhances the capabilities of AutoStore, allowing our market-leading warehouse automation systems to exceed customer expectations in cube storage.”

Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions Autostore, expresses excitement about presenting FulfillX at MODEX 2024 and showcasing its transformative potential. As a global AutoStore partner, Kardex is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their warehouse operations and achieve operational excellence through FulfillX, the Intuitive Pick Assistant, and AutoStore.

movu robotics

Movu Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Warehouse Solutions at Modex 2024

Stow Group’s innovative subsidiary, Movu Robotics, is set to take center stage at Modex 2024 with a dynamic showcase of its advanced warehouse robotics systems. Positioned at booth B6008 in hall B, Movu Robotics will demonstrate a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to revolutionize warehouse automation and ensure no warehouse is left behind in embracing cutting-edge technology.

For the first time ever, Modex attendees will have the opportunity to witness Movu’s full range of automated subsystems in action, highlighting the seamless integration and efficiency of these innovative solutions.

The showcase kicks off with Movu escala, an innovative Shuttle solution offering dense automated storage and retrieval for bins. Using sophisticated rail tracks, robot carriers navigate in all three dimensions within escala, eliminating the need for maintenance-intensive conveyors and lifts. The bins are seamlessly delivered to a goods-to-person workstation, where Movu eligo picking arm robot utilizes advanced software and intelligent grippers to achieve reliable and high-performing throughput.

Movu ifollow AMR, another highlight of the showcase, transports pallets autonomously to the Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system. Featuring a slimline design and the ability to operate in cold stores, ifollow AMR ensures seamless pallet transportation with real-time visibility of the system.

The Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system, based on stow racking, maximizes storage capacity and minimizes manual handling by utilizing self-powered pallet carriers for storage and retrieval.

Visitors to the Movu Robotics booth will witness firsthand how Movu software coordinates and monitors the entire system, ensuring a smooth flow of materials and enhancing operational efficiency.

Stefan Pieters, CEO of Movu Robotics, expressed excitement about showcasing all Movu solutions in one place for the first time in the USA. He emphasized the practical accessibility of these solutions, aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability for warehouses of all sizes and shapes.

With its commitment to “Easier Automation,” Movu Robotics aims to democratize automation and upgrade warehouses worldwide through innovative and accessible robotics solutions. Visitors to Modex 2024 can expect to experience the future of warehouse automation firsthand and engage with industry experts to explore how Movu Robotics solutions can meet their specific requirements.