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  March 12th, 2024 | Written by

HWArobotics Introduces its Reliable, Customizable Shuttle Systems at MODEX 2024

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HWArobotics made a significant impact at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta by introducing its cutting-edge shuttle systems, now available to companies across North America. With two decades of experience in the field, HWArobotics showcased its high-quality, reliable, and efficient automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) technology, aiming to expand its presence in the region and forge new partnerships.

The company presented a comprehensive range of ASRS technology, including tote shuttles and pallet shuttles, along with associated cargo lifts, racking, and control software. These systems are designed to optimize logistics and supply chain management operations, boasting system availability of over 99% and delivering high throughput for various industry sectors.

At Booth C3885, attendees had the opportunity to explore HWArobotics’ products, which utilize high-performance components from European suppliers like Siemens, Voestalpine, and Hilti. The showcased SLS300, SLS400, and SLS600 series tote shuttles, along with the FPSS1500 pallet shuttle, exemplify the company’s commitment to durability, efficiency, and versatility.

The SLS300 series standard tote shuttle storage system offers high efficiency and continuous operation for up to 24 hours, achieving speeds of up to 4 m/s and handling up to 120 boxes per hour. The SLS400 series variable tote shuttle system provides compatibility and flexibility, allowing for the mix and storage of containers of different sizes.

Additionally, the SLS600 3D tote shuttle system caters to low-traffic, high-efficiency environments, offering excellent warehouse sharing capabilities and easily adjustable system capacity. The FPSS1500 series pallet shuttle system, designed for warehouses and distribution centers, enhances operational efficiency with its advanced four-directional movement and AI scheduling algorithms.

HWArobotics’ General Manager, Sky Chen, expressed pride in the company’s 20 years of experience as a pioneer in shuttle robot systems, highlighting its commitment to exceptional customer service and technological innovation. The recent deployment of HWArobotics shuttle systems by Darwynn underscores the effectiveness of their technology in automating and optimizing logistics and storage processes.

With a strong global customer base, including prominent names like Bosch UAES, Hisense Hitachi, SONY, and, HWArobotics aims to enhance the competitiveness of North American businesses by offering intelligent warehouse and manufacturing plant upgrading solutions. Their advanced shuttle systems represent a significant leap forward in the field of warehousing and logistics automation.