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  February 14th, 2024 | Written by

HWArobotics Revolutionizes Canadian E-commerce Logistics with Cutting-edge ASRS Technology

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HWArobotics, a pioneer in shuttle ASRS technology, is making waves in North America with its groundbreaking solutions. Recently, the company partnered with Canadian e-commerce logistics leader, Darwynn, to implement advanced robotic automated storage and retrieval systems (Shuttle ASRS) at its Toronto facility. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in the North American warehouse automation landscape.

Darwynn, known for its commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art warehousing solutions, sought to optimize its order fulfillment operations and enhance sustainability. With HWArobotics’ Shuttle ASRS technology, comprising a multi-level shuttle system featuring 24 carts, 10,368 storage locations, and 6 goods lifts, Darwynn aimed to meet the demands of its expanding business while improving efficiency, safety, and environmental impact.

The implementation of HWArobotics’ technology has delivered immediate and long-term benefits for Darwynn and its customers. With the capacity to handle 20,000 individual SKUs and achieve a throughput of 2,400 bins/hour, the Shuttle ASRS system has significantly optimized inventory management, increased operational efficiency, and expanded storage capacity. Additionally, the integration of picking stations and WCS systems has enhanced warehouse space utilization and reduced overall business costs.

Moreover, HWArobotics’ solution ensures reliability, ease of maintenance, and lower error rates, contributing to a seamless fulfillment experience for Darwynn’s clients. The system’s adaptability and scalability further future-proof Darwynn’s operations, enabling it to meet evolving demands and sustain growth.

Sky Chen, General Manager of HWArobotics, expressed satisfaction with the project’s success and emphasized the potential for further expansion and partnership with Darwynn. With a dedicated team in North America, HWArobotics aims to continue its growth trajectory in the region, leveraging its extensive industry experience and innovative ASRS solutions.

Furthermore, HWArobotics’ success extends beyond North America, with a diverse portfolio of global deployments spanning industries such as retail, automotive, and consumer co-operatives. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it recognition as a finalist for the prestigious IFOY Award 2024, highlighting its contributions to the evolving logistics landscape.

As HWArobotics continues to drive advancements in ASRS technology, its partnership with Darwynn serves as a testament to the transformative impact of innovative warehousing solutions in the e-commerce sector.