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Movu Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Warehouse Solutions at Modex 2024

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Movu Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Warehouse Solutions at Modex 2024

Stow Group’s innovative subsidiary, Movu Robotics, is set to take center stage at Modex 2024 with a dynamic showcase of its advanced warehouse robotics systems. Positioned at booth B6008 in hall B, Movu Robotics will demonstrate a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to revolutionize warehouse automation and ensure no warehouse is left behind in embracing cutting-edge technology.

For the first time ever, Modex attendees will have the opportunity to witness Movu’s full range of automated subsystems in action, highlighting the seamless integration and efficiency of these innovative solutions.

The showcase kicks off with Movu escala, an innovative Shuttle solution offering dense automated storage and retrieval for bins. Using sophisticated rail tracks, robot carriers navigate in all three dimensions within escala, eliminating the need for maintenance-intensive conveyors and lifts. The bins are seamlessly delivered to a goods-to-person workstation, where Movu eligo picking arm robot utilizes advanced software and intelligent grippers to achieve reliable and high-performing throughput.

Movu ifollow AMR, another highlight of the showcase, transports pallets autonomously to the Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system. Featuring a slimline design and the ability to operate in cold stores, ifollow AMR ensures seamless pallet transportation with real-time visibility of the system.

The Movu atlas pallet shuttle sub-system, based on stow racking, maximizes storage capacity and minimizes manual handling by utilizing self-powered pallet carriers for storage and retrieval.

Visitors to the Movu Robotics booth will witness firsthand how Movu software coordinates and monitors the entire system, ensuring a smooth flow of materials and enhancing operational efficiency.

Stefan Pieters, CEO of Movu Robotics, expressed excitement about showcasing all Movu solutions in one place for the first time in the USA. He emphasized the practical accessibility of these solutions, aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability for warehouses of all sizes and shapes.

With its commitment to “Easier Automation,” Movu Robotics aims to democratize automation and upgrade warehouses worldwide through innovative and accessible robotics solutions. Visitors to Modex 2024 can expect to experience the future of warehouse automation firsthand and engage with industry experts to explore how Movu Robotics solutions can meet their specific requirements.