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  December 29th, 2023 | Written by

Softeon Unveils Refreshed Brand to Showcase Expertise in Navigating Evolving Warehouse Dynamics

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In a strategic move, Softeon, the premier provider of tier-1 warehouse management systems (WMS), has introduced a revitalized visual identity, underscoring its dedication to optimizing warehouse and fulfillment operations amid increasing complexity. The modern logo, vibrant colors, and a poignant tagline, “Limitless Delivered,” encapsulate Softeon’s commitment to providing a composable WMS platform that transcends limitations for its clientele.

The recent enhancement of Softeon’s unified WMS and WES (warehouse execution system) solution highlights the company’s pledge to deliver boundless capabilities for customers. Accompanying this update is the introduction of a bi-annual calendar of scheduled upgrades, empowering customers with continuous advancements.

Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon, emphasized the customer-centric approach, stating, “Our customers are at the core of everything we do. As we unveil our new brand identity and software upgrade, we are dedicated to delivering limitless solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges in warehousing, providing unparalleled support for some of the world’s most intricate, highly automated warehouses.”

Softeon’s latest WMS/WES upgrade incorporates features such as robotic interfaces and automation options, aligning with the growing trend of customer investment and innovation in warehouse automation. The move corresponds with Gartner’s projection that, by 2028, 80% of warehouses and distribution centers will deploy some form of warehouse automation.

The Gartner report also recommends the use of a WES in complex automated and mixed manual-automated environments, citing its ability to optimize routing based on current workloads and offer advanced functionalities like blending wave management with machine learning.

Softeon’s WES plays a pivotal role in managing intricate integration on a unified platform, covering material handling equipment, robotics, and other enterprise software. The company’s new brand reflects the open and integrated nature of modern warehouses, preparing customers for the technological challenges in the evolving warehouse landscape.

Mark Fralick, CTO of Softeon, emphasized the significance of preparing for the “technological battleground of the warehouse,” highlighting the need for seamless integration and orchestration of work across various automated technologies.

This comprehensive upgrade and rebrand, the first in nearly two decades, mark a significant milestone for Softeon. The company’s renewed positioning underscores its commitment to providing forward-looking software solutions tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern warehouse management.