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Here’s How GSLI Drives Economic Development Success


Here’s How GSLI Drives Economic Development Success

Dallas-based economic development firm Global Site Location Industries (GSLI) continues to redefine lead generation and project success. Founded in 1994 by Eric Kleinsorge, GSLI – formerly known as World Economic Development Alliance (WEDA), represents economic development professionals across the country, serving as the driving force behind 2,000 projects, 53,125 new jobs, and $6.3 billion in capital investment.

“If your board is asking you to grow a pipeline of qualified prospects, the GSLI Project Portal is a great starting point that will take you through the entire process, seamlessly,” Kleinsorge explains. “Our team of dedicated employees paired with our fully automated system works on your behalf to identify and nurture projects that align with your goals.”

In the beginning…

Mr. Kleinsorge was first tasked with identifying ways to support and train the Economic Development Community more than 25 years ago. His main goal of teaching EDCs to successfully market themselves to companies seeking to expand or relocate. Fast-forward to today and GSLI is the result of Kleinsorge’s dedication to bridging the gap between qualified leads and EDCs ready to grow their community.

Company Toolbox.

The company’s monthly Prospect Live webinars are one of the many ways GSLI educates and connects EDCs seeking to add jobs and grow their economy. Live discussions with GSLI’s very own active projects and what location needs are critical for success. Additionally, GSLI’s One-Minute Community Assessment narrows down exactly what projects fit within your community and how the Project Portal can support your corporation.

GSLI further reiterated its commitment to EDCs during the outbreak of COVID-19. In March of 2020, the company announced the launching of its COVID C.A.R.E. Response Program. COVID C.A.R.E. (Coronavirus Automated Response Effort) aimed at supporting communities and local businesses suffering from the economic downturn.

“We have been in the business of helping communities attract new jobs and now it’s our turn to help communities keep these jobs,” Kleinsorge said in a company press release.

Get Started Today.

To learn more about how GSLI can grow your community, or if your company is ready to take the next step in site selection, take five minutes to learn about the GSLI Project Portal here.


For more than 20 years, GSLI has been the premier partner of choice for communities – both big and small, looking to create a solid economic foundation primed for growth and success. GSLI boasts over 75 Site Location Expert offices nationwide and solid success rate in supporting the economic development community through our team of project managers, marketing gurus, web developers, and finance experts.