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Conference Highlights: X2 Logistics Mixes Business and Fun

Conference Highlights: X2 Logistics Mixes Business and Fun

X2 Logistics Networks’ sixth annual conference includes massive networking, the always spectacular Gala Dinner, a pool-side cocktail reception at the “X2 Beach House” and a mysterious event called “Cargo Weekend” that was apparently dreamed up at the 2018 X2 Conference.

This conference takes the traditional model of networking and education, adds the element of fun and creates an environment that promotes professionalism while eliminating networking “boredom.”

CEO and Founder Richard Overton explains the event was inspired by the desire to take the boring element out of networking events by creating a professional setting promoting fun and business development opportunities.

Join over 500 industry professionals from February 23-24 in Hua Hin, Thailand for a logistics networking experience unlike any other. This year’s line up of events includes development workshops, meetings, networking, and entertainment with guest DJ’s, a poolside reception, and Cargo Weekend’s after party. Don’t miss out!

For more information about the event, visit: x2conference,com