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  September 26th, 2018 | Written by

DHL moves Tucson operations to larger facility to handle increased demand

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  • New DHL service center is double the size of the previous facility.
  • Growth in international ecommerce a major factor for new DHL service center.
  • DHL service center in Tucson has 19 personnel, including couriers, with the possibility of bringing on more.

DHL, the world’s leading international express services provider, recently moved its service center facility in Tucson to a new location nearly double in size to handle the increased volume of international shipping.

“As the world’s leader in international shipping, DHL is able to quickly respond to the explosive growth in international e-commerce we’re seeing throughout the country, including in the Tucson area,” said John Fox, voec president and general manager for the western US at DHL Express. “Our new facility is addressing the overall increase in international shipping volume among all of our Tucson-based customers.”

DHL in Tucson is also seeing increased volumes as the result of cross-border trade with Mexico, including shipments from maquiladoras—manufacturing plants that assemble products in Mexico which are then exported to the US

DHL invested $2.8 million in its new location, which features 23,462 square feet of ample warehouse and office space. The larger building also allows for an expanded capacity of 23 routes and features a conveyor sort system that can handle thousands of packages an hour. Located at 6855 South Lisa Frank Avenue, the new service center will provide a more convenient locale for customers than its previous, 12,000-square-foot facility on East Columbia.

The new facility is just a three minute drive from Tucson International Airport as opposed to 20, resulting in earlier deliveries for local customers. DHL also operates an aircraft ramp facility at the airport, where shipments are transported to and from the company’s facilities in Phoenix.

The service center is already certified by the International Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crime. The facility had to meet the security requirements of the TAPA audit process in order to gain certification.

The DHL service center currently has 19 personnel, including couriers, with the possibility of bringing on more in the future.

In addition to its service center facilities in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, DHL employs more than 700 at its Customer Response Center in Tempe, where the DHL customer service and telesales operations for the US is based.