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  September 22nd, 2017 | Written by

Amber Road Expands Support for ACE PGA Single Window

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  • CBP is leveraging ACE to implement a Single Window with all Partner Government Agencies (PGAs).
  • Importers are now required to file hundreds of new data elements with US Customs.
  • Amber Road's software platform has expanded support for new UA import filing requirements.

Amber Road, a leading provider of cloud-based global trade management (GTM) solutions, announced today that its software platform has expanded support for the new import filing requirements under the United States Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Single Window for Partner Government Agencies (PGAs).

US Customs and Border Protection is leveraging the ACE system to implement the concept of the Single Window with all PGAs. Integral to this multi-phase modernization effort, importers are now required on behalf of these PGAs to declare, and file, potentially hundreds of new data elements with Customs at the time of admission into the US.

“Many countries are moving to the Single Window concept, which will require both accurate and real-time information to be presented to Customs at time of entry,” said Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer for Amber Road. “This places an incredible burden on the importer related to the collection and maintenance of these compliance-related data elements; in fact, one of the PGAs requires over 450 validations. The Amber Road Import solution offers comprehensive master data management support for PGAs and can be implemented with any existing ERP solution to help a supply chain team deal with the challenges of complying with the ever-changing ACE PGA initiative.”

Global multinational corporations use Amber Road’s GTM platform to manage all the information required by Customs for a given country, both the supply chain information and the country and commodity-specific import information. Import admissibility routines then examine the import transaction with Amber Road’s Global Knowledge trade content database to determine whether a government agency has reporting requirements for Customs purposes, and decides which data elements are required. The Amber Road Import solution then automatically combines master data with the supply chain transaction to create an electronic version of the Customs transaction ready to be filed with Customs.

Recent enhancements to the Amber Road Import solution go beyond support for the 13 agencies and 19 specific programs, and focus on more efficiently managing the rapid changes in PGA specific reporting requirements. Without the need to utilize technical resources for assistance, new data management tools allow compliance managers to quickly identify changes and apply mass-updates to their products and transactions accordingly.

Customs’ Single Window initiatives lower the cost of PGAs to expand on the information needed from importers to confirm admissibility of their goods and streamline compliance processes. The burden of collecting and managing these new information requirements is not well supported today without automation. Chief Supply Chain Officers are increasingly relying on GTM platforms to manage agency requirements. By staying current with PGA standards, companies can quickly and efficiently confirm admissibility and prevent delays at the border.