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Overcoming Operational Challenges


Overcoming Operational Challenges

In the age of Amazon-inspired standards and expectations, everything moves faster while changing just as quickly. In an evergreen market, the main key to success stems from proactive, digital solutions that are equipped with the ability to keep up in an ever-changing industry.

So what is really needed to make it work and go above set expectations within your organization and standards of operations? Below are three high-level tips to consider as we approach cyber-Monday and one of the busiest times of the year for e-commerce.

1. Be selective and remain modular.

It can be tempting to research and invest thousands into a solution that crosses multiple platforms while offering various strategy solutions. Although this is great, it produces higher risks and takes away from the actual needs of the company. Focus on what can be improved based on the company’s needs first, then look into broader solution options. Be cautious of investing in a solution that is new but irrelevant to operational needs. Prioritize your business goals to align with efficiencies on a multi-platform solution and approach. Remember what the customer needs and what is realistic in terms of delivering within operations.

2. Address internal and operational issues.

Everyone talks about transparency with customers for success, but you must first take an honest assessment at what is and isn’t working, internal/external challenges, pain points and inefficiencies before you can deliver the best to customers. You can’t produce quality results externally without fixing an area that needs improvement first. After a thorough evaluation is done, you can wisely select solutions and changes needed for success. Remember the example of the domino-effect business model, each part of the business is impacted by the other.

3. Choose fully-integrated solutions.

The implementation of digital solutions is at its peak. But what if a solution leaves out one area or another? For example, a digitized delivery system tracking ETA but can’t provide temperature control or visibility. Project44 said it best, “The holy grail is a truly integrated supply chain which connects all your modes and nodes including ocean carriage, drayage, deconsolidation, inland transportation, and final mile.”  When vetting solutions, remember each operational sector and choose the one that fits all.


Source: Project44