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Dachser Air Receives CEIV Pharma Certification Expanding Companies Network Services Globally


Dachser Air Receives CEIV Pharma Certification Expanding Companies Network Services Globally

In March 2021, Dachser’s fifth location, Shanghai, is to receive the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics certification (CEIV Pharma) that will expand the company’s network services for its customers, specifically in the life sciences and healthcare (LSH) sectors. Following the Frankfurt, Atlanta, Mumbai, and Hyderabad locations, Shanghai is their most recent CEIV certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The CEIV Pharma certification ensures compliance to international standards including European Union and World Health Organization Good Distribution Practices (GDP), United States Pharmacopeia, and IATA temperature control regulations. The standards insist on secure, compliant, and efficient air-freight services, which Dachser successfully displayed.

“At Dachser, the safe and efficient transportation of pharma products is a key priority for us, and our CEIV Pharma certified locations in Germany, the US and Asia enables us to serve our customers in the key regions around the world,” says Ralph Riehl, Managing Director Americas at Dachser Air & Sea Logistics. “With this latest certification, we are demonstrating our continued emphasis on constantly enhancing our service quality as well as showcasing we are a reliable partner for transporting vital and temperature-sensitive products.”

In 2018, Dachser received its first CEIV Pharma certification for their Frankfurt branch in Germany. By 2019, their United States branch in Atlanta and two Indian branches – Mumbai and Hyderabad, had received the CEIV Pharma certificates. The certificates highlight Dachser’s commitment to LSH logistics excellence in delivering high-value, time-sensitive, temperature-controlled products leveraged by  Dachser’s global network of speed, consistency, and efficacy.

“A resilient and highly efficient transport network, tailored to the specific needs of the LSH industry, has never been more crucial than today. Dachser is committed to superior service and further confirms our exceptional competence in the handling of sensitive life-saving pharmaceutical products based on the highest international standards quality standards,” added Mr. Riehl.

Responding to the globally growing demand, Dachser invested its services in the field of life sciences and healthcare to substantially provide efficient air-freight services globally leading to CEIV Pharma certified facilities. With this certification, Dachser Shanghai now joins a limited number of logistics companies in Asia to be recognized by IATA.