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FlowSafe Provides Shippers CO2 Solution with Minimal Costs

FlowSafe Provides Shippers CO2 Solution with Minimal Costs

Flow Water’s team of marine engineers has created an innovative and cost effective solution designed specifically for shippers. FlowSafe, an eco-friendly, offset CO2 neutral ballast water management system provides a compliant and compact solution for hard-to-fit tankers or pump rooms, at almost no operational costs.

“We are launching an innovative ballast water treatment solution specifically for the shipping industry, especially for difficult to fit vessels, after extensive consultation with global ship owners and operators,” said Mark Hadfield, Chief Executive Officer, Flow Water. “Using innovative technology, we have developed a safe and compliant system that is offset CO2 neutral, simple to use, and which offers close to no operational costs.”

Additionally, the Flow Water Academy, which serves as the company’s very own training facility that opened this month, will provide students opportunities to learn about the water ballasting process with each FlowSafe purchase.

“The Academy will train Cyprus Maritime Academy Students, technicians, and clients who purchase FlowSafe,“ said Hadfield.

“It will become the first Academy in the world to offer International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications in water ballasting technology testing. Crew and owners will be able to work hands on with live ballast water using US Coast Guard (USCG) approved test equipment.”

Source: FlowSafe