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  November 28th, 2023 | Written by

Synergy Logistics Triumphs with SnapControl: Industry 4.0 Breakthrough Wins Robotics & Automation Award 2023

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In the inaugural Robotics & Automation Awards 2023, Synergy Logistics clinched the prestigious Industry 4.0 category for its revolutionary multi-agent orchestration software, SnapControl. This platform seamlessly coordinates all automation devices and robotic systems in warehouses, offering not just operational efficiency but a comprehensive data overview. This real-time data facilitates tangible labor savings and informed asset management decisions.

Outshining competitors, including Coca Cola HBC, SnapControl earned the spotlight for its ability to swiftly integrate automation into warehouses without prolonged software disruptions—achieving in weeks what traditionally took years. The Robotics & Automation Award spokesperson highlighted the groundbreaking nature of Synergy’s entry, stating, “We voted for Synergy because SnapControl enables rapid automation adoption without major software upheavals.”

Collaborating with a rapidly expanding U.S. online retailer, Synergy demonstrated SnapControl’s transformative capabilities in a new 300,000 sq.ft warehouse equipped with automated mobile robots (AMRs), carton right-sizing equipment, and automated packaging systems. SnapControl accurately assessed manual versus automated pick tasks, leading to a sixfold increase in productivity and a remarkable return on investment (ROI) of over half a million dollars. The company now realizes weekly savings of over $40,000, with an impressive investment payback period of just 23 weeks.

Tony Dobson, Synergy Logistics CEO, expressed delight at SnapControl’s recognition, emphasizing its role as a pivotal tool in warehouse automation. He noted that SnapControl’s unique interpretation of bi-directional communication between machines and advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) facilitates efficient and accurate decision-making—a crucial element in the second wave of automation endorsed by industry analysts.