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  November 18th, 2023 | Written by

SnapControl by Synergy Logistics: Revolutionizing Warehouse Automation with Data-Driven Precision

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Synergy Logistics, a frontrunner in warehouse technology, is celebrating the success of its cutting-edge multi-agent orchestration platform, SnapControl. This innovative software is proving to be a game changer for warehouses, providing seamless control over all automation devices and robots within distribution centers.

SnapControl distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive data capture capabilities, enabling businesses to assess real-time operational value generated by each device. This data-driven approach empowers decision-making, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The software’s inaugural deployment with a prominent U.S. online retailer showcased its transformative capabilities.

Through data analysis, SnapControl optimized task allocation between human and automated resources, achieving a remarkable sixfold increase in productivity. This translated into substantial labor savings, exceeding half a million dollars, with an impressive investment payback period of just 23 weeks, resulting in savings of over $40,000 per week on average.

Out of more than 40,000 stock picks, SnapControl seamlessly controlled over 24,000 automated tasks, equivalent to 61% of the workload. This automation significantly lightened the workload for existing warehouse staff, showcasing the software’s effectiveness in streamlining operations.

Smitha Raphael, Chief Product & Delivery Officer for Synergy Logistics, highlighted the software’s swift deployment, emphasizing its value in providing a complete data picture for tangible labor savings, accurate asset management decisions, and rapid time to value.

SnapControl seamlessly integrates with the warehouse management system (WMS) SnapFulfil and is compatible with any other incumbent WMS, Order Management System (OMS), or e-commerce front-end system. This versatility allows SnapControl to orchestrate task prioritization, automate workflow allocation, and assess the suitability of devices for specific operations.

With its comprehensive capabilities, SnapControl emerges as a pivotal tool in the landscape of distribution center automation. By interpreting bi-directional communication between machines and advanced WMS, the software facilitates efficient, automated decision-making—a critical component of the second wave of automation recognized by industry analysts. This targeted automation approach positions SnapControl as a key player in driving productivity improvements as robot fleets expand from various vendors and diversified portfolios.