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Impact of Canceled Sailings on Major East-West Trades

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Impact of Canceled Sailings on Major East-West Trades

A recent report by Drewry sheds light on the impact of canceled sailings across the major East-West head haul trades. Between week 17 (April 22 – April 28) and week 21 (May 20 – May 26), a total of 44 sailings have been canceled out of 644 scheduled sailings, representing a cancellation rate of 7%.

Breakdown of Canceled Sailings

Among the major East-West trades, the Transpacific Eastbound route bears the highest proportion of canceled sailings at 48%, followed by the Asia-North Europe and Mediterranean route at 36%, and the Transatlantic Westbound trade at 16%.

Analysis of Alliance Cancellations

Over the next five weeks, THE Alliance has announced 16 cancellations, with the OCEAN Alliance and 2M Alliance following closely behind with 13 and 4 cancellations, respectively. Additionally, non-Alliance services have implemented 11 blank sailings during the same period.

Future Outlook

Despite the significant number of canceled sailings, the majority of ships are still expected to sail as scheduled over the next five weeks, with an average of 93% across all alliances. However, the 2M Alliance stands out with a projected sailing rate of 97% during the same period.


The prevalence of canceled sailings across major East-West trades highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the shipping industry, including disruptions caused by factors such as port congestion, equipment shortages, and fluctuating demand. As stakeholders navigate these challenges, close monitoring of sailings and proactive measures will be crucial to minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth flow of global trade.