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Sierra Industries Creates New HondaGE Joint Venture

Sierra Industries Creates New HondaGE Joint Venture

Uvalde, TX – Honda and GE have created a joint project with Sierra Industries to develop a program that would use the HondaJet’s engines to retrofit legacy Cessna business jets, including the CitationJet, CJ1 and CJ1+.

The engines would “provide the Citation Jet with improved performance and enhanced productivity,” the company said.

Texas-based Sierra Industries has been upgrading and modifying Cessna jets for three decades. There are reportedly as many as 660 jets that could benefit from the new program, which includes overhauling the engines and avionics, interior and exterior modifications, and other changes.

GE and Honda spent the last decade developing the HondaJet engine.

With 18.5 inches in diameter and 2,095 pounds of thrusts, the jet engine, called HF120, is the smallest one in GE’s portfolio. By comparison, the largest GE jet engine, the GE9X, will have a fan diameter of 11 feet and projected thrust above 100,000 pounds.

In May, GE Honda Aero Engines, a joint-venture between GE Aviation and Honda, started manufacturing engines for Honda’s brand new HondaJet light jet.