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GT Magazine’s Good Reads


GT Magazine’s Good Reads

-The New (Ab)Normal – Reshaping Business and Supply Chain Strategy Beyond Covid-19 by Yossi Sheffi, the Elisha Gray II professor of Engineering Systems, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and director of the Center for Transportation & Logistics at MIT. The New (Ab)Normal paints a compelling picture of how the Covid-19 virus is changing many facets of human life and what our post-pandemic world might look like, making the book a must-read for logistics and supply chain professionals. 

-Eurasia Group’s Top Risks for 2021, the New York-based global political risk research and consulting firm’s annual prediction of the 10 greatest threats to the trajectories of nations, global politics, industries and institutions. Co-written by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer and Chairman Cliff Kupchan, the report finds Joe Biden’s presidential victory as the No. 1 risk in the world due to half of America’s voters believing he was elected illegitimately. Other top risks of 2021 include U.S.-China tensions that include disagreements over trade and climate policy that could place bifurcation pressures on the clean energy supply chain. Find the full report here:

-“Expanding Your Business Into Mexico,” a new business guide from global recruiter Leap29. The guide covers employment laws and regulations, key tax and labor authorities, the immigration process and more. Find it here:, a new business development and international trade listings website that was developed to assist businesses in finding what they need in specific countries or regions of the whole world. Totally free, the website has listings available for 50 categories of products and services to cover every sector of the economy. “[T]he only exclusions are pornography, hate, spammers, scammers and anything illegal,” states the company. “The focus is very much business to business but for example, a hotel or bar may wish to list to develop more business in the corporate sector.”