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Transfix Unveils RFP Manager for Effortless Freight Procurement: Revolutionizing the Source-to-Settle Process

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Transfix Unveils RFP Manager for Effortless Freight Procurement: Revolutionizing the Source-to-Settle Process

Transfix, Inc. (“Transfix”) has introduced RFP Manager, an innovative tool aimed at simplifying and expediting the traditionally manual and time-consuming RFP and freight procurement process. This all-in-one centralized solution, accessible through the Transfix Shipper App, empowers shippers to seamlessly navigate every step from sourcing to settlement in a single platform.

RFP Manager, the latest addition to the Transfix Shipper App, boasts a centralized dashboard featuring automated bid management, acceptance workflows, and robust analytics capabilities. Shippers can leverage this tool to collaborate with selected carriers at a fair market price, significantly reducing the time typically associated with running an RFP or mini-bid.

Through digitalized and automated processes, RFP Manager enables shippers to initiate an RFP within minutes. Brokers and carriers receive invitations to participate in the bidding process, accessing the RFP through a personalized portal link sent via email, and effortlessly submitting their bids.

Once the bidding window closes, shippers gain access to a comprehensive comparison of carrier bids, along with invaluable lane-level pricing insights, facilitating data-driven award decisions. Transportation professionals can then seamlessly execute freight within the Transfix Shipper App, streamlining the entire process.

Jonathan Salama, Co-founder and CEO of Transfix, emphasized the need for innovation in the outdated RFP process. He expressed excitement about bringing a product to market that not only empowers shippers and suppliers but also sets a new standard for freight procurement solutions.

Savar Sareen, Senior Product Manager at Transfix, highlighted the importance of market research and a robust beta program in developing RFP Manager. The insights gained underscored the significance of creating a product that not only streamlines the RFP process but also instills confidence in shippers to run RFPs more frequently, effectively addressing market volatility.

Transfix’s RFP Manager stands as a groundbreaking solution, promising a transformative shift in how shippers approach freight procurement, making the process more efficient, data-driven, and user-friendly.


TenderEasy Makes Spend Matters’ Top 50 Provider to Watch List

Sustainable freight procurement leading company, TenderEasy – part of Alpega Group, was confirmed as a Top 50 Provider to Watch in 2019 by Spend Matters, landing them a place in the Spend Matters Almanac which serves as an unbiased vendor procurement directory.

Spend Matters serves as a solution intelligence source that recognizes innovators specifically in the procurement and supply chain sectors. The Azul Partners, Inc. owned and managed source researches and selects companies based on their unique merits.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Spend Matters as a leading freight procurement solution,” said Johan Vagerstam, chief executive officer and co-founder of TenderEasy, part of Alpega.  “This acknowledgement reaffirms the market need for technology in the freight procurement process, and underlines the user-friendly nature of our solution. As we continue to grow our business in Europe and North America, we value Spend Matters for their consistent, independent coverage of the rapid evolution of these industry solutions.”

TenderEasy offers customers an innovative freight procurement tool that grants visibility to freight tendering/ RFQs for air, land, and sea, and is capable of multi-modal freight contract tendering, spot bidding, and invoice reconciliation. This tool ultimately removes manual processes and optimizes efficiencies for shippers.