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  November 15th, 2023 | Written by

Transfix Unveils RFP Manager for Effortless Freight Procurement: Revolutionizing the Source-to-Settle Process

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Transfix, Inc. (“Transfix”) has introduced RFP Manager, an innovative tool aimed at simplifying and expediting the traditionally manual and time-consuming RFP and freight procurement process. This all-in-one centralized solution, accessible through the Transfix Shipper App, empowers shippers to seamlessly navigate every step from sourcing to settlement in a single platform.

RFP Manager, the latest addition to the Transfix Shipper App, boasts a centralized dashboard featuring automated bid management, acceptance workflows, and robust analytics capabilities. Shippers can leverage this tool to collaborate with selected carriers at a fair market price, significantly reducing the time typically associated with running an RFP or mini-bid.

Through digitalized and automated processes, RFP Manager enables shippers to initiate an RFP within minutes. Brokers and carriers receive invitations to participate in the bidding process, accessing the RFP through a personalized portal link sent via email, and effortlessly submitting their bids.

Once the bidding window closes, shippers gain access to a comprehensive comparison of carrier bids, along with invaluable lane-level pricing insights, facilitating data-driven award decisions. Transportation professionals can then seamlessly execute freight within the Transfix Shipper App, streamlining the entire process.

Jonathan Salama, Co-founder and CEO of Transfix, emphasized the need for innovation in the outdated RFP process. He expressed excitement about bringing a product to market that not only empowers shippers and suppliers but also sets a new standard for freight procurement solutions.

Savar Sareen, Senior Product Manager at Transfix, highlighted the importance of market research and a robust beta program in developing RFP Manager. The insights gained underscored the significance of creating a product that not only streamlines the RFP process but also instills confidence in shippers to run RFPs more frequently, effectively addressing market volatility.

Transfix’s RFP Manager stands as a groundbreaking solution, promising a transformative shift in how shippers approach freight procurement, making the process more efficient, data-driven, and user-friendly.