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Cloud Logistics & Raven Logistics Partner for Railroad Rule 11 Solution

Cloud Logistics & Raven Logistics Partner for Railroad Rule 11 Solution

As the Rule 11 accounting regulation works to create efficiencies within interline shipment invoicing, Raven Logistics and Cloud Logistics by E2open take the compliance and resourcing process a few steps further through a recently launched Rule 11 compliance solution that can be integrated within the Cloud Logistics TMS.

The rail management solution is a partner-effort between Raven Logistics and is available through Cloud Logistics by E2open TMS. This solutions offers the shippers and rail carriers increased visibility, ultimately streamlining processes and minimizing wasted efforts and risks for mistakes – all while maximizing employee time.

“Cloud Logistics’ customers were looking for an efficient process around railroad Rule 11 compliance, and turned to us to incorporate this function into our TMS,” said Mark Nix, senior vice president of transportation and founder of Cloud Logistics by E2open. “We quickly identified Raven Logistics, with its exclusive solution designed to create efficiency and compliance around Rule 11, as an ideal partner.”

By further eliminating the risk for duplicate efforts and mismanagement on the administrative side, companies are enabled to redirect attention to other areas within operations without admin-level distractions. An article highlighted in the original announcement reiterates the importance of maximizing workflows through the utilization of market software solutions.

“Our customers need to be able to focus on the task at hand, not get bogged down with details of worrying about compliance. Our new relationship with Raven Logistics frees our customers up to focus on meeting business objectives and generating revenue,” said Mr. Nix.

Source: BSYA

Cloud Logistics Selected to Support $340 million Pork & Poultry Processing Facility

Privately held pork and poultry producer and handler, Prestage Foods, announced the selection and implementation of E2open’s TMS  platform, Cloud Logistics,  to support operations at the company’s new $340 million pork processing facility.
“We are opening a new $340 million pork processing facility and need a transportation management system to help us manage the logistics operations,” said Crystal Hill, director of supply chain and logistics at Prestage Foods. “We’re opening our new facility in less than a month, so we needed a TMS that we could deploy quickly. The system had to be easy to use so our carriers and our poultry logistics team could adopt it without much training. We work with dozens of carriers and add more all the time so having a TMS that carriers love to use is a key differentiator for Cloud Logistics. Finally, we required a TMS that will grow and scale with us as our needs change. We will start with a few truckloads per day but will grow to over 50 a day within the first year and double to over 100 trucks a day when a second shift is added. Whether it’s managing a few truckloads a day from one shipping location or hundreds across multiple locations, the Cloud Logistics TMS is a great fit that will support our business today and into the future at a great price point.”
Cloud Logistics combines automation features such as mobile and social technology. The platform provides Prestage with a seamless, comprehensive workflow well equipped to support current and future initiatives all at a reasonable price. With Prestage anticipating a 1,000% increase in overall daily shipments from the new facility, the company will heavily rely on the TMS from automation and carrier selections, to load tendering and invoice auditing.
“For the senior leadership team, the most compelling reason to partner with Cloud Logistics was to improve operational efficiencies and visibility,” said Jere Null, chief operating officer at Prestage Foods. “This is a business that requires accuracy, timeliness, and cost effectiveness, in order to scale rapidly. Prestage Foods is growing fast, and Cloud Logistics will enable us to handle significant volume growth without adding additional headcount to the pork logistics team. We are also excited about the advanced reporting capabilities that will give us greater control of our operations.”
Source: BSYA