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Forty-five years ago, Barbara Spector Yeninas made the leap from maritime journalist to owner of a public relations agency aimed at the industry at a time when females were rarely seen on the waterfront.

Today, Cranford, New Jersey-based BSY Associates Inc. is not only an award-winning PR and advertising agency but an industry event planner, association manager and crisis-communications specialist.

“At industry events, I would be the only woman in attendance—not an enviable position when the only other female around was the entertainment, usually a stripper,” Yeninas recently recalled. “To say that political correctness was not a priority then would be an understatement.”

Think about this: Yeninas decided to fill a PR need she recognized during her daily newspaper career on Aug. 1, 1974, when Jennifer and Michael were the most popular baby name; the number one song was “Annie’s Song” by John Denver; and Richard Nixon was still eight days away from resigning as president.

 “We started as a communications company explaining and covering the nascent container shipping revolution as it was unfolding before our eyes,” says Yeninas. “… I saw a role for what we could provide. This is a meat-and-potatoes industry and those involved were making decisions about billions of dollars of investment in ships, equipment, terminals and training. They did not have the time or inclination to get involved in the nuances of promoting themselves. We were there to do so. I hitched up my skirts and went for it.”

Here’s to another 45, Barbara!

Cloud Logistics & Raven Logistics Partner for Railroad Rule 11 Solution

As the Rule 11 accounting regulation works to create efficiencies within interline shipment invoicing, Raven Logistics and Cloud Logistics by E2open take the compliance and resourcing process a few steps further through a recently launched Rule 11 compliance solution that can be integrated within the Cloud Logistics TMS.

The rail management solution is a partner-effort between Raven Logistics and is available through Cloud Logistics by E2open TMS. This solutions offers the shippers and rail carriers increased visibility, ultimately streamlining processes and minimizing wasted efforts and risks for mistakes – all while maximizing employee time.

“Cloud Logistics’ customers were looking for an efficient process around railroad Rule 11 compliance, and turned to us to incorporate this function into our TMS,” said Mark Nix, senior vice president of transportation and founder of Cloud Logistics by E2open. “We quickly identified Raven Logistics, with its exclusive solution designed to create efficiency and compliance around Rule 11, as an ideal partner.”

By further eliminating the risk for duplicate efforts and mismanagement on the administrative side, companies are enabled to redirect attention to other areas within operations without admin-level distractions. An article highlighted in the original announcement reiterates the importance of maximizing workflows through the utilization of market software solutions.

“Our customers need to be able to focus on the task at hand, not get bogged down with details of worrying about compliance. Our new relationship with Raven Logistics frees our customers up to focus on meeting business objectives and generating revenue,” said Mr. Nix.

Source: BSYA