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Shipping Compliance Primary Focus in Labelmaster Partnership

Shipping Compliance Primary Focus in Labelmaster Partnership

In an effort to support globally compliant shipping of dangerous goods while advocating for safety within the global supply chain, Labelmaster has entered into a strategic partnership with partners from both The Dangerous Goods Office Limited and Viking Packing. All three companies share a similar background in handling dangerous goods and providing packing and shipping logistics solutions.

Dangerous goods shipping is complex and challenging, making it important for shippers to have the right resources and processes in place,” said Leach. “The partnership of The Dangerous Goods Office and Viking Packing with Labelmaster presents a tremendous opportunity to help companies shipping dangerous goods establish safe and compliant practices and identify process gaps that put their global supply chain at risk.”

Geoff Leach, principal of United Kingdom-based The Dangerous Goods Office Limited, brings with him over 30 years of experience including his position as head of the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office. Dave Weilert, president of Viking Packing, brings with him industry knowledge and matchless leadership skills that boast a historical partnership with Leach in the past leading to the formation of The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd.

“In addition to the consulting support and industry expertise Geoff will provide, Viking Packing will work to supplement Labelmaster’s packaging solutions to deliver even greater value to its customers.”

Labelmaster President Alan Schoen concluded:

“The risk associated with shipping and handling dangerous goods is greater than ever; unfortunately, many organizations put their company’s operational efficiency, competitive agility, reputation and bottom line at risk by not having the necessary knowledge, infrastructure and training to ensure compliance across the supply chain. Partnering with The Dangerous Goods Office Ltd and Viking Packing supports our commitment to helping our customers simplify the complexities of DG transport by offering the industry’s best packaging, services and guidance to handle and ship hazmat in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.”

Source: Labelmaster