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CCM’s Chassis MandR System Raises the Bar for Handheld Device Management


CCM’s Chassis MandR System Raises the Bar for Handheld Device Management

When it comes to streamlining operations while keeping vital information close by, Consolidated Chassis Management’s newly launched Chassis MandR System application gets the job done while setting a new standard in the management and information process involving chassis repairs and maintenance. Other assets and equipment types can benefit from the mobile application’s management system capabilities as it provides users – including vendors and IEPs – full visibility to ensure the most cost-effective options at each location.

“It is a top priority at CCM to optimize supply chain fluidity and informational transparency helps us reach that goal,” says CCM VP of Management Information Systems Tom Martucci. “Smart devices have become essential tools for the modern workforce and are changing the way work gets done. Today, the ever-changing pace of business dynamics requires the ability to access and share accurate information. Utilizing the Chassis MandR system mobile application within the supply chain powers an ecosystem by accelerating the distribution of vital information and promoting collaboration at an industry-wide level.”

Taking the process beyond the desktop and providing quick, accurate, and reliable information while communicating about M&R estimates, job orders, and other chassis details further enhance a seamless and productive supply chain. An example of the application’s capabilities is found in its ability to decommission out-of-service units while in-gating and management of Driver Vehicle Inspection (DVIR) and Driver Vehicle Exception (DVER) reports and record a motor carrier’s pre-trip and/or post-trip.

“The industry requires tools that can easily and readily share information relevant to the health and status of intermodal equipment,” adds CCM VP of Management Information Systems Tom Martucci. “Greater emphasis is being placed on creating systems that exchange information flexibly and efficiently between all industry stakeholders. This was precisely our philosophy when we developed the Chassis MandR system as well as our other management systems in the Chassis Management Application Suite, and it’s further strengthened with our recent deployment of our mobile application,” says Martucci.