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Momentum IoT Changes the Pace for Fleet Management Tracking

Momentum IoT Changes the Pace for Fleet Management Tracking

Momentum IoT separates itself a provider of fleet management solutions by addressing roadblocks commonly experienced by companies operating on a smaller scale. With simplicity and innovation as primary focal points, the company reinvents its approach to solutions by first “breaking” things through methods of revamping, upgrading, and development.

“I like to break things,” says Justin Silva, CEO of Momentum IoT.  “I like looking at how things are done and try to make them better. I grew up around contractors and worked at a field services company, so I understand the challenges of smaller fleet service businesses—the local plumbers, contractors, electricians, and maintenance inspectors.  The big boys all have fancy ways of tracking their equipment and checking the maintenance of their trucks, but these guys don’t. Stolen equipment and misused trucks are more than just a write-off.  They hurt.”

This idea of “breaking” for success started when CEO Justin Silva who ran Information Technology at AppDynamics and reinvented the process of IT systems by utilizing automation. Through this approach, Momentum IoT has earned recognition from industry analysts including “Mobile IoT Innovator” by the Global Telecom Industry Association, the GSMA and receiving top honors at the 2019 CompassIntel Spring Awards for Connected Solution Leadership: Fleet Tracking Management.

“I wanted to create something that was user-friendly, where people could just plug it in and go,” continues Silva. “No one wants to deal with a platform that is cumbersome or requires technical expertise. I also wanted to design a system that was flexible enough not to require customization, and would work well with existing hardware in vehicles and equipment used by smaller field service businesses. So we built it.” 

Momentum Eagle 1 – a recently released tracking software and hardware solution, aims to provide a simplified, cost-effective option to small and medium-sized businesses. As many of its competitors cater to bigger players, Momentum IoT identifies opportunities beyond fancy, complex telematics with heavy costs and offers systems that provide the highest level of security, robust reporting systems, real-time tracking and updates. Additionally, the company is the first Fleet Telematics company to deploy on the advanced LTE Cat-M network.

To further reiterate the company’s position on cost-effective options, it offers customers free demos for their products without an added contract obligation and offers flexible monthly pricing.

“Businesses want superior products at low prices,” furthers Silva.  “Many telematics products on the market are expensive, have an up-front hardware cost, and require a long-term contract, which is a huge pain for small and mid-sized businesses.  My vision is to make it easy to try, with no risk.  So we have no contracts, and let businesses try a device for free.  If they like it, they pay us a low monthly price.”

“My goal is to solve real-world problems with simplicity and innovation–and have a lot of fun in the process.”

24/7 Automotive Production Supported with MSM PortalTrack

Automotive manufacturers aiming to keep the production flow moving while accessing real-time data and information are in for a new type of integrated RFID solution through the MSM PortalTrack system. The PortalTrack software provides a customizable, secure, and independent IoT Network while providing real-time visibility.

“With a 24×7 production, it is imperative that the right parts and the right counts be at each designated workstation in the process,” said Brett Wilkerson, Business Development Manager at MSM Solutions.

Additionally, the software platform’s reporting and metrics abilities provide a seamless solution for automotive production lines, as its capabilities to
manage RFID read data are supported by durable metal mounted hard tag readers with ranges up to 20 feet.

“Having real-time visibility into the production flows instantaneously allows you to quickly react and institute the corrective measures so the production stays on schedule and replenishment efforts remain focused on the most critical parts at any given time,” Wilkerson added.

The game-changing technology provided by MSM Solutions is rooted in a
customized, cloud-based Cradlepoint IoT Network with minimal costs and reduces the needs for additional IT support. Companies can anticipate recapturing of a new system within three months or less.

To read more about the importance of 24/7 automotive operations, please visit the MSM Automotive Case Study.