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How Are Retail Companies Using Compartment Planning To Improve Customer Experience?


How Are Retail Companies Using Compartment Planning To Improve Customer Experience?

As the number of orders placed grows exponentially, enterprises must find solutions to streamline their delivery operations. The use of a delivery management software has been a major focus in the retail industry. Businesses that usually had warehouses on the city outskirts have started to place dark stores across cities to help with faster delivery. If you have a business that helps deliver goods, customer experience is of paramount importance. 

For example, if you order burgers, fries, and cold drinks from a fast food chain. On delivery, you would want the burgers and fries to remain hot while the cold drink remains chilled. This will ensure the best customer experience. Here, compartment planning becomes a crucial aspect of delivery management. The use of an intelligent delivery management software to handle multi-compartment configured vehicles will ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

What is Compartment Planning?

Compartment planning is the process of arranging delivery items in the vehicle based on size, weight, fragility, and temperature requirements. This helps businesses to maximize space available, minimize trips for delivery, assure easy unloading, and enhance customer experience.

For example, John (end-consumer) places an order consisting of milk, cold drinks, ice cream, chips, and grocery items from an app. Retail businesses without compartment planning might need 2 to 3 trips to complete the order. With compartment planning, the business can get the order delivered in a single trip. Thus enhancing John’s delivery experience and reducing the fleet’s operational cost.

How is Compartment Planning Transforming Retail Delivery Operations?

As retail businesses move towards the use of compartment-configured vehicles for their delivery operations, the two key focus areas to enhance fleet operations include-

Reducing Transportation Costs:

Optimizing vehicle capacity- The use of compartment planning for delivery will ensure the vehicle space is efficiently utilized. The delivery management software helps assign orders to compartment-configured vehicles, minimizing space wastage, and helping with more order delivery. Since the vehicles are smartly filled, it lowers the number of fleets utilized and maintenance costs.

Reducing delivery trips- Since compartment configuration helps the operations team to strategically place the goods inside trucks, it reduces the number of trips for delivery. The use of route planning and optimization in the delivery management software will reduce the time and distance to get the order delivered.

Easy loading/unloading- One of the major pain points for the delivery team is loading and unloading the goods. With compartment planning, the ordered items can be ensured they are placed in the right order for faster turnaround.

Preventing returns- When transporting fragile and perishable items, the operations team have to ensure no damage or item getting spoiled. The delivery management software will ensure the proper placement of items based on temperature, fragility, crates, etc. This significantly reduces damage and wastage, which helps improve brand reputation and reduce the loss on order returns. 

Improving Customer Experience:

Easy inventory management- When shopping online, or at the store, what’s the worst customer experience? The item they wanted to order or purchase is out of stock! To help businesses restock their inventory and enable accurate forecasting and replenishment strategies, compartment planning can play an important role. This helps avoid running out of stock, timely replenishment, and improving customer experience.

Timely delivery- Compartment planning combined with route planning helps with timely delivery. With the help of compartment-configured vehicles, delivery of goods having different categories can be delivered in a single trip. All these factors are for a great customer experience.

In today’s competitive retail market, the operational team should find the best delivery management software to enhance operational efficiency while reducing costs. By optimizing retail delivery trips and maximizing vehicle capacity businesses can thrive in this demanding marketplace. This helps them save thousands of dollars for delivery operations. Make use of compartment configuration to truly unlock the true potential of your retail delivery operations.

Are you finding it difficult to segregate items to help with single-trip order delivery for goods that need a controlled environment during delivery? You can choose LogiNext’s delivery management software to help assign orders to your compartment-configured vehicles. This will prevent orders from getting assigned to multiple vehicles, overloading vehicles, and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


This article discusses how compartment planning in delivery management will enhance the customer experience. The use of an intelligent delivery management software will ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

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