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Enhanced Security Solutions Provided with Paramount Advanced Technology & Hexagon Partnership

Enhanced Security Solutions Provided with Paramount Advanced Technology & Hexagon Partnership

Smart transportation, displacement monitoring, mining security and infrastructure monitoring are just a few of the improvements for enhanced African rural safety following the newest partnership between Paramount Advanced Technologies and Hexagon’s Geospatial and Safety & Infrastructure divisions. Paramount Advanced Technologies serves as a subsidiary of the African-based global defence and aerospace company Paramount Group. 

“Paramount Advanced Technologies’ cutting edge research and development (R&D) and systems integration expertise which has delivered solutions effectively across the African continent, coupled with the technological innovation and overarching support that Hexagon brings from decades of system deployments globally makes for an impactful partnership to the betterment of the continent’s infrastructure and security capabilities, an alliance which we are privileged to announce,” stated Paramount Advanced Technologies CEO Ralph Mills.

Additional benefits from the partnership include facilities and inventory management, public records management, command and control and tactical emergency services. Paramount’s Integrated and Smart Systems (ISS) provides an innovative approach to providing proactive solutions for rural safety initiatives with a foundation built on the strongest industry partnerships.

“We live in exciting times, where the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us is driven by disruptive technologies such as IoT, augmented reality, blockchain, drones and robotics, amongst others. Technological changes are rapid while the availability of unstructured data is prolific,” Mills added. “The challenge before us is to make sense of that data, leveraging real-time information and intelligence to solve real-world problems, ensuring that organizations are best aligned to harness the advantages of this era by being digitally enabled, so as to avoid the risk of being left behind.”