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Packaging Marketing: What It Is and How to Succeed

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Packaging Marketing: What It Is and How to Succeed

Marketing has gone beyond using digital platforms to create awareness for your products and services. Your product itself has become a marketing tool. Packaging marketing refers to the tactics and strategies used to design, create and promote the packaging of a product including the materials used in creating it and the messaging and branding used on the packaging. Packaging marketing will help your product stand out, ultimately leading to increased sales.  In this article, we will show you how your company can market its business through packaging.

  • Product Information

When prospective buyers do not have sufficient knowledge of your product, it can deter them from buying. One of the ways to ensure this does not happen is by including all the necessary information about the products such as their ingredients, uses, usage instructions, and benefits on the product package. For instance, if a buyer picks your product off the shelf in a store in order to examine it (they probably have never seen it before), getting all the information they need from the package will enhance their decision to purchase such a product.

  • Branding

The packaging of your products should reflect your company’s branding and be consistent with the company’s overall image. Use the packaging to show this. Make it so unique and different that clients are well attracted to it. This can be done through your company’s logo, tagline, or even color scheme. You can even partner with packing companies to help you with packing solutions that will make your product stand out from that of your competitors. Packaging companies such as OriginPac have a team of experts that specializes in product packaging, eye-catching customizations, and top-notch packaging designs.

  • Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing. You can also use it in a way to complement your packaging marketing. This can be done by using the packaging to encourage customers to share images of the products on social media with a unique hashtag or account handle. This will spell great visibility for your product because it will reach a larger number of people and usually, people are attracted by what they see. You could also use the packaging to create a number of interactive elements that can engage consumers such as QR codes, games, or augmented reality.

  • Sampling

Through the packaging of one product, you can introduce other products to your prospective customers. You could use the packaging of a particular product to include samples of related or complementary products. For instance, you sell beauty products, particularly moisturizing lotions, but you have been looking to expand into selling essential oils.  You could easily just add a sample oil as a bonus gift and include it in the packaging of the product. When people try out the oil and see that it works, they will demand a larger bottle, ultimately increasing your sales.

  • Limited Edition Packaging

To get people to buy your product, you need to employ the techniques of scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity. This also works for product packaging. You can create and introduce limited edition packaging for a certain product within a limited period of time, making such products special and more valuable in the eyes of the public. This will create a sense of exclusivity for the product and people will rush to buy before it goes out of stock.

  • Specific Industries for Your Packaging

Depending on what product you are selling you should make sure that the packaging that you choose to present to your customers should be something unique to make your brand stand out but something within the frames. For example, if you have a beauty product, you should ask the professionals of packaging to create something that appeals to the senses of shoppers. Or if you have a cannabis company, make sure to choose customized cannabis packaging that would make your product secure and appealing to customers. 

  • Personalization

Though not applicable to all kinds of businesses, it is still very much relevant for brands that deal with customized gifts. Consumers love it when you go the extra mile for them, especially when it has to do with personalization. Allow customers to personalize the packaging of products purchased from you. You can do this by adding their name to the product pack in a beautiful, natural manner or by including a personalized message to show appreciation.

  • Functionality.

It is easy to discourage customers from purchasing your product again when the packaging is bad. No one wants to buy a product with a damaged pack or difficult-to-open seal. Make sure that the package you are using for your product is durable, sustainable, and user-friendly. However, it is important to note that in the course of finding durable packages, make sure that they are also cost-effective so that they do not affect the price of your product.


By using these marketing techniques, companies can leverage packaging as a potent marketing tool. This will, in turn, help them to attract and engage consumers/customers, build brand awareness, increase brand visibility and ultimately drive sales and profits.