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Sophean Releases Upgrade for Corporate Strategy Solution Platform

Sophean Releases Upgrade for Corporate Strategy Solution Platform

In an effort to support the implementation of corporate strategies, Sophean, a leader in Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) solutions, announced the release of updated version of Accolade® Enterprise Innovation Management. One of the primary features of the upgraded solution is helping companies connect the dots between strategy and execution. Reports detailed in the release reveal only 56 percent of company strategies are successful.

“Companies that do not adopt more interconnected and adaptable operating models will not remain viable in today’s new business landscape driven by digital disruption,” said Sopheon CEO Andy Michuda. “Most companies have some form of digital transformation or other strategic corporate initiatives underway, but many are failing to execute on these successfully. We see a lack of corporate-wide understanding of, and alignment around, strategic priorities to be a primary cause. This is complicated further by a lack of connection and transparency between the corporate entity and the operational execution teams resulting in poor or incomplete data for strategy decision making.”

Additional features  included with the latest and greatest version provide critical insight ranging from increased strategy realization rates to optimizing investment and human resources.

Dedicated Sophean customer, Honeywell, commented on the upgraded solution and how it will impact the company in the near future. Richard Herd, Director of Program Management Tools, Strategy & Deployment explained:

“Honeywell is excited by Accolade’s advances in support of enterprise adaptability, segmentation and product execution. The enhancements in Accolade 12.2 will help us navigate change more effectively as an organization, and streamline our daily work on a team and personal level so we can move the business forward more quickly.”

Source: EIN Presswire