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Hazmat Shipping Compliance Efforts Increase for ProShip

Hazmat Shipping Compliance Efforts Increase for ProShip

Leading Neopost company in logistics software and supply chain solutions, ProShip, confirmed its partnership with Labelmaster in an effort to maintain compliance and safety measures by providing visibility to dangerous goods shippers through the use of ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. This technology grants access to hazmat tables, robust validation checks and compliant shipping papers.

“Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) is updated as regulations change, and the system validates the originator’s shipments against them, providing guidance on packaging, labeling and the filling out and printing of Shipper Declarations. This partnership will give ProShip customers the benefit of easier and more reliable hazmat shipping, all within one system,” said Alan Schoen, President of Labelmaster.

“It’s our responsibility to give our customers the framework that helps realize a positive return on investment from their hazmat shipping function, and Labelmaster helps us do that,” added Mullen. “We are thrilled to continuously add new features that keep our customers confident in their shipping strategies, no matter what they ship.”

The release from the company notes that over 1.4 million shipments of hazmat occur in the United States alone, creating a need for such technology to reduce the risk of shipment and supply chain delays as well as fines.

“Hazmat compliance can be an intimidating and confusing undertaking,” said Matt Mullen, senior vice president and managing director of ProShip, Inc. “In a recent survey, 65 percent of respondents said that keeping up with changing regulations was one of their greatest challenges. ProShip’s partnership with Labelmaster alleviates that challenge and helps our customers meet delivery promises without delay.”

Source: ProShip