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Edge Zero Presents at Distributech, Dallas

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Edge Zero Presents at Distributech, Dallas

Edge Zero, a Melbourne-based advanced grid management
technology developer, announced the North American launch of its proprietary low voltage (LV) distribution monitoring and control platform FlowzTM at thecoming Distributech conference in
Dallas between May 23-25.

Serving a growing base of major utilities representing over 2 million connected customers in Australia and the Philippines, Edge Zero’s LV network monitoring platform accelerates the transition to a zero carbon electricity network. Edge Zero delivers real time LV distribution visibility which empowers electric utilities to improve operational efficiency and safety while reliably integrating the rapid consumer adoption of smart solar, battery and EV charging technologies.

Executive Chairman, Richard McIndoe said, “The LV network is where most change is happening. Edge Zero has developed an advanced network management platform which has been adopted by utilities in Australia and the Philippines, with new pilot programs in New Zealand, India and the UK. We are excited to launch this technology and software into the North American marketplace”

Over the past 2 years Edge Zero has implemented its technology with half the network distribution companies in the Australian National Electricity Market. This includes long term rollout programs with Endeavour Energy in NSW and SA Power Networks, as well as a ground-breaking dynamic operating and EV charging control program in Victoria and ACT, which is supported by major
utilities together with Australian Federal Government’s ARENA funding.

Edge Zero’s LV network management platform can be implemented across any LV network. It integrates data from AMI smart meters and for the huge number of markets without smart meter coverage, They have developed a proprietary high resolution, low cost monitoring device for distribution transformers and pole tops.

About Edge Zero

Edge Zero enables the system-wide transition of the aging low voltage distribution network to accommodate the rapid changes in distributed generation and customer usage patterns. Our team
has extensive experience in international utilities management, software development and electronics engineering, with strategic shareholding by global manufacturer Flex.

The Edge Zero software platform provides advanced monitoring and control which enables network operators to maintain the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and safety throughout the transition to a future smart grid.

To learn more about Edge Zero, please visit or visit us at DistribuTECH booth 4308 for a live demonstration of the platform.