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IBM Opens New Security Center in Costa Rica

IBM Opens New Security Center in Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica – IBM recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Costa Rica with the opening of its latest Security Operations Center (SOC).

Through an initial investment that includes infrastructure and education, the center will allow IBM to address the growing security needs of its clients in the region.

With this new center, the first in Costa Rica, IBM adds to the existing services offered in the country including cloud, business analytics, project management, human resources, financial services and more.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the security center of operations team will monitor the latest security events experienced by IBM clients, assess their potential impact on the business and ensure that IBM clients’ infrastructure is configured to handle the latest threats.

As a result of this analysis, IBM “will help to protect people, data, applications, transactions and the infrastructure for all businesses in the region,” the company said.

Since IBM opened its Costa Rica operations, the company has created a number of new jobs and development opportunities for employees while helping build low income family housing.

The company has also introduced several educational initiatives, providing student scholarships through a program sponsored by Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), university courses focused on key subjects like security and cloud computing, and reading companion software for 12 educational centers that are designed to help citizens improve knowledge of the English language.

IBM has the world’s largest security services practice, with more than 6,000 skilled security services professionals, all of who have a unique handle on the “threat landscape.”

Through this latest facility and its 10 SOCs located in the US, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, India and Australia, IBM manages and monitors 15 billion security events every day for more than 4,000 clients.