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GTA Partnership To Boost Cargo Charter Market Reach

GTA Partnership To Boost Cargo Charter Market Reach

GTA Air Solutions and Chapman Freeborn’s recent partnership will enable Canadian customers and their international access within the charter solutions sector while strengthening global efforts for the companies.

“Through this partnership, Canadian customers will have greater choice and access to a wider range of charter products than before. GTA is a business with its roots firmly in Canada, and they are ideally placed to help us extend our reach in this market. We’ve been impressed by their ambition, the strength of their relationships and the level of customer service they provide,” Chapman Freeborn CEO Russi Batliwala commented.

Beyond the charter solutions trade sector, more partnerships are blossoming as others opt for joint-ventures and even big-business acquisitions to boost global reach, provide expansive solutions and provide customers with a new standard of operations and delivery.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Chapman Freeborn, a fantastic company which has been at the forefront of the charter industry for over 45 years. We see huge potential in marketing their services in the Canadian market,” GTA CEO and Chairman Mario D’Urso said.

Another plus springing from the partnership includes promotion of the specialist on board courier division Chapman Freeborn boasts within its business model, as GTA is said to already plan on supporting efforts for the time-critical shipment solution.

With a long history of successful company initiatives, it’s no surprise these two will create operational standards that others can refer to in a time of partnering solutions.

Source: Chapman Freeborn